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Air-Operated Hoists

July 31, 2013

J.D. Neuhaus (JDN), Witten, Germany, has designed a line of air-operated hoists to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.


JDN’s Mini series—offering load capacities from 275–2,160lbs. (125kg.–980kg.)—provide lift, lower and load positioning control for metalcasting operations including handling raw materials, lifting molds and cores, handling molten metal ladles, grinding operations and final machining. For heavier loads, the JDN Profi TI line of hoists is designed to provide lift requirements from 550 lbs.–110 tons (250kg.–99,790kg.).

Hoists can operate on manual, reel chain or motorized trolleys on overhead rail mounting. For longer loads, twin monorail-mounted hoists can be connected with tie bars, or twin hoists can be mounted on overhead rails. All hoists come with pendant controllers for lifting, lowering and load traversing movements. JDN hoists can withstand temperatures from -4 to 122F (-20C to 50C), operating on a supply of compressed air with an instant-start vane motor. In the event of air supply failure, a fail-safe disc brake with anti-climb and anti-drop devices holds loads in place.

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