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ABB Jokab Safety Releases Safety Contact Mats

June 27, 2013

ABB Jokab Safety has released a new line of safety contact mats for safeguarding personnel around machines, presses, robots and other types of active equipment. Safety mats are typically connected to a monitoring system and placed as a boundary around potentially hazardous equipment.

When someone steps on the mat surface, it triggers a control signal to the stop circuit of the nearby equipment. A switch design inside the mat ensures the stoppage is immediate, providing a valuable layer of safety.

The new Jokab safety contact mats, which feature a dotted polyurethane non-slip surface layer, are able to withstand tough industrial conditions and are impervious to oil, acid or caustic substances. Commonly placed in sections around equipment, the mats are available in standard sizes ranging from 12x12 in. to 48x60 in. Multiple mats can be affixed to each other and mounted to the floor with either aluminum ramp rails or integrated rubber ramp trim. The mats consist of two conductive plates, separated by a proprietary isolating layer, and are maintenance free.

“The new ABB Jokab Safety contact mats have been developed to reduce the costs associated with monitoring personnel inside hazardous areas, costs typically associated with safety laser scanners or horizontally mounted safety light curtains,” said Rich Gibson, ABB Jokab Safety product manager. “These mats, built in the United States, are the perfect blend of economical design and extreme robustness for tough industrial applications.”

The safety contact mats must be connected to a suitable monitoring unit (for example, ABB Jokab safety relays RT6, RT7A/B, RT9, Vital with Tina 6A or Pluto Safety PLC) both to ensure functionality and to detect any breaks or short circuits. Several safety mats can be connected to one another, while still retaining the same level of safety. When pressure is applied, the active surface of the contact area is closed and the safety output on the monitoring unit trips. A stop signal is sent to the machine’s safety circuits to prevent dangerous movements.

Safety contact mats may be used in a variety of industrial applications, including machining centers, robotic work cells, automated cells and conveyor transfer stations, and also in commercial applications to open doors automatically or detect nearby persons.

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