Webinar: Automated SEMEDX Analysis of Steel Quality Capture

Detailed analysis of non-metallic inclusions (NMI) in steel castings is important for improving foundry processing and casting quality. Automated SEM/EDS with integrated design (ASPEX system) provides fast analysis and accurate reliable data (size, number, shape, distribution and chemistry of MNI population). The samples were collected at different steel producers and NMI were analyzed. This webinar covers:

  • Cast steel quality problems caused by NMI
  • Basic principles of automated SEM/EDS for NMI analysis
  • Several industrial cases for mini-mills and steel foundries. 

The Aspex technology has been widely reported as a proven method in solving NMI problems in large scale steel production (integrated plants and mini-mills) and can be very useful for solving quality problem in steel foundries. Missouri University of Science and Technology offers ASPEX NMI analysis for steel foundries.


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