MCTV Videos

  • Webinar: Veining Reduction Project--A Thermo Mechanical Approach

    Dr. Sam Ramrattan, Western Michigan University, delivers this presentation on veining reduction for castings as part of AFS's Technology Transfer Thursday.

  • Brillion Iron Works' Rejuvenation

    Once bankrupt, Brillion Iron Works is now a lean, profitable iron casting facility, thanks to the “Fix and Grow” strategy of parent company Accuride Corp.

  • The Olivine Replacement Project

    Vic LaFay, research and technical development manager for S&B Industrial Minerals, Cincinnati, outlines three major alternatives to olivine sand for nonferrous sand casters in this video.

  • The Next Generation Thermal Distortion Tester

    Researchers at Western Michigan University have developed an improved thermal distortion test for nobake molds.

  • Process Knowledge

    Failed castings, whether occurring as internal or external scrap or rework, become a significant operating cost that could be reduced by controlling the variables critical to specific parts. Dr. Hathibelagal Roshan, Maynard Steel Casting Co., discusses how to acquire process knowledge to reduce costs in this video.

    For more on the subject, read Roshan's article in Modern Casting.

  • Nondestructive Testing Methods

    See how ultrasonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant dye inspection methods are performed.

  • MIT Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods

    From Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Two MIT OPENCOURSEWARE sessions introduce students to six sigma methods.

  • Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) Inspection

    From General Foundry Service, San Leandro, Calif., this video shows coordinate measurement machine (CMM) inspection of an aluminum casting that has been machined on a CNC vertical machining center and a CNC lathe to very close tolerances.

  • Coldbox Coremaking at Waupaca

    From Waupaca Foundry: This video shows the coldbox coremaking process in detail that is used at Waupaca Foundry's iron casting facilities.

  • Casting 200 Series Aluminum

    David Weiss of Eck Industries discusses control methods for casting 200 series aluminum and how they can improve properties of 300 series aluminum castings, as well.

  • An Alternative Method to the Methylene Blue Clay Test

    Researchers at Western Michigan University developed a new test to measure active clay content in green sand using spectrophotometry.

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