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  • Customer Success Story (Sponsored Video from General Kinematics

    (Sponsored by General Kinematics) Waupaca Foundry has been in the foundry business for 147 years, making a name for themselves in the market as a casting powerhouse and leaders in the industry. General Kinematics equipment can be found scattered throughout the foundry ranging from 3 to over 30 years of age. As you look from one unit to the next you can see the evolution of innovation that has come through this partnership. Join GK’s Foundry Director, Claude Hutchens, Mike Nikolai, CEO, COO, and President of Waupaca, and Bob Jeswinski, VP Manufacturing and Engineering Waupaca as they tell the story of their partnership.


  • Osco Delivers: August 2017 Modern Casting

    AFS Corporate Member Osco Industries has finetuned its business to deliver quality parts with a short lead time by committing to gray iron, adding flexibility through inventory, and conservative revenue management. 

  • Batesville Products Inc.: September Modern Casting

    The aluminum permanent mold casting business relies on measurement and analysis to propel its continuous improvement projects. (Video from Batesville Products Inc.)

  • Soucy Invests in Metalcasting

    A manufacturer of track systems, parts, accessories and other industrial components spent more than $30 million to build a new plant next to the casting facility it just purchased, converting it from a local supplier to one of North America’s largest, most automated plants for large castings.

    Read more.

  • New Melting at Fonderie Laperle

    Fonderie Laperle (Saint-Ours, Quebec, Canada) completed the installation of a new melting department in 2016, making the switch from cupola to induction melting. For more about Fonderie Laperle, read the article in the March issue of Modern Casting.  

  • Busche Builds Its Platform

    Busche Performance Group, seeking to become a competitive Tier-1 automotive supplier, acquired an aluminum casting operation as its first order of business.  Read more.

  • Webinar: Trade Policies in the Trump Administration

    In this recorded webinar, Alan Price, chair-international trade practice at Wiley Rein, highlights how the potential new Trump trade policies will affect domestic metalcasters.

    This webinar gives an overview of U.S. trade law, presents trade remedies opportunities for U.S. manufacturers, discusses the future of the World Trade Organization (WTO), dispute settlement, and trade agreements, and gives potential uses of U.S. trade laws to aid U.S. manufacturing, exports, and infrastructure spending.

  • Customer Success Story (Sponsored Video From General Kinematics)

    From General Kinematics: A customer shares its story.

  • Webinar: On Demand Skills Training With the AFS Institute

    Take a peek at the AFS Institute’s new e-learning program launched July 1 with Jennifer Morton, AFS e-learning project manager, and Leo Baran, AFS director of membership. This webinar will explore how to integrate e-learning into your company's education program, show the e-learning interface, walk you through an e-learning module, and tell you how you can subscribe to a year of unlimited access to all modules or purchase one module at a time. The AFS Institute currently offers 20 modules covering casting defects, green sand molding, cast iron, and an introduction to metalcasting principles.

    The new online courses provide the following benefits:

     Interactive practical skills to use on the shop floor.
     Real world scenarios.
     Flexible time management (each module ranges from 15 minutes to 1 hour+).

    Find more information at www.afsinc.org/elearning.

  • Webinar: Integrating 3D Sand Printing Technologies Into Traditional Foundry Tooling Processes

    The advent of 3-D sand printing is a “game changer” in the metalcasting industry and will alter the way in which metalcasters address their tooling and casting needs in the future. No longer an “emerging technology,” 3-D sand printing must be seriously considered as a valuable tool in the development of engineered cast components. 

    This sponsored webinar from Craft Pattern and Mold focuses on when, and how, to incorporate 3-D sand printing technologies with traditional tooling methods to deliver cost effective, innovative solutions to today’s engineered metal casting challenges.

  • Saguenay Foundry's Pattern for Success

    Saguenay Foundry’s innovative and envelope-pushing philosophy has led to a thriving business with a clear path into the company’s next phase.

  • Atlas Foundry Charts Its Path

    With a memorable niche and commitment to upgrades, Atlas Foundry is looking to continue its strong tradition of service and growth.

  • E-Learning Demo

    This short video gives a demo of the new e-learning modules from the Institute. Find out more at www.afsinc.org/elearning.

  • 2016 Metalcaster of the Year: Production Castings

    Aluminum and zinc diecaster Production Castings has built a reputation and strong business model on offering its customers added value from tooling to assembly.

  • CastExpo'16

    CastExpo'16 was a successful show bringing together the metalcasting supply chain for technology transfer and networking.

  • Webinar: Foundry Sand Beneficial Reuse Part 2

    AFS presented this FREE webinar series covering U.S. EPA’s recent study on the beneficial use of foundry sand. The idea of beneficial use for metalcasters has gained continued traction across the country, and the release of U.S. EPA’s Risk Assessment of Spent Foundry Sands in Soil Related Applications provides significant opportunity for the metalcasting industry to promote and reform beneficial use rules.

    This second webinar focuses on identifying and promoting opportunities at the foundry level through best management practices, educating your customers by marketing your byproduct in a positive light, and providing valuable resources and tools to help facilitate reuse program success.

  • Casting the Future

    This video is a great resource to show students the exhilarating careers to be found in metalcasting. For more information on how to reach out to students and the next generation of metalcasters, visit Melting Point.

  • Metalcasting Is Advanced Technology

    This video highlights the technological aspects of the metalcasting industry.

  • Lodge's Recipe for Growth

    With sales doubling in the last six years, Lodge Manufacturing Co. is rising to the challenge of fulfilling customer cravings for cast iron cookware. Read more in the December 2015 issue of MODERN CASTING.

  • Talladega Pattern's Plunge Into Automation

    A small green sand nonferrous job shop answered the pull of customer demand with its first automatic molding line and sand system. 

  • Webinar: The Link Between T&D and World Class Status

    Workforce training and development is a must for any organization hoping to be a world-class manufacturer. Those companies that excel in this area are far more likely to achieve world-class status for their operations. So where do you fit in- are you already world-class or working towards it? Join us as Jennifer Head, director of education for the AFS Institute, explores the connection between training and development and world-class status, and look at concrete ways you can improve your training and development programs.

  • Webinar: Cost Savings Opportunities in the Metal Casting Industry

    Tom Kayser teaches how to identify and implement cost reduction opportunities with your castings. Tom has a systematic approach and a check list he shares. It doesn't matter if you buy, sell, design, machine or assemble castings you will benefit from this webinar. 

    Tom has been pricing castings for Osco Industries for over 15 years and has a passion of working with his partners to identify ways to lower cost.

  • Eagle Alloy’s Innovative Approach to Sustainability

    Eagle Alloy Inc., a steel casting facility in Muskegon, Mich., has a proven history of finding unique methods of improving its overall operation. From recycling methane from a local landfill to its recently opened onsite employee health clinic, Eagle Alloy is dedicated to improving sustainability, which led to being named Modern Casting’s 2015 Metalcaster of the Year.

    For the full story, click here

  • Bremen Casting's Use of B&L Software

    Sponsored video from B&L Information Systems: Bremen Casting's successful implementation of B&L software. 

  • AFS: Innovate

    AFS offers several programs to offer guidance and resources for established and emerging methods for better energy management, human relations, safety, government advocacy, marketing presence and casting and metallurgical procedures, and casting design and sourcing.

  • AFS: Educate

    AFS exists in part to meet the career and educational needs of its members. Through Institute classes, in-plant training, the Education Solutions program, Metalcasting Career Center, reference and resource material, and various workshops, seminars and conferences, AFS helps drive the sustainability and growth of the metalcasting industry.

  • What Is AFS?

    The American Foundry Society (AFS) is a non-profit association serving members of the metalcasting industry both in the United States and abroad. Through various resources, AFS provides members with advocacy coordination and efforts in Washington, D.C., ongoing technical education through its Institute, as well as the transfer of innovative research and technology to the industry.

  • Brillion Iron Works' Rejuvenation

    Once bankrupt, Brillion Iron Works is now a lean, profitable iron casting facility, thanks to the “Fix and Grow” strategy of parent company Accuride Corp.

  • Tour the Metalcaster of the Year: Aristo Cast

    See what it means to be 2014 Metalcasting Facility of the Year.

  • AFS Metalcasting Congress

    The AFS Metalcasting Congress is an annual technical conference and trade show event that brings together suppliers, foundries and casting customers for the biggest industry event of the year.

    For more information, go to www.metalcastingcongress.org

  • Webinar: To Offshore or Reshore? How to Objectively Decide

    Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative discusses total cost estimating for cast components that takes into consideration research and development, inventory carrying costs and travel costs associated with checking on foreign suppliers. For more information on reshoring castings, click here.

  • What Does Manufacturing Mean to You?

    From NAM: This video demonstrates the comeback of American manufacturing and the future it holds for all Americans.

  • Performance of Road Bases Using Foundry Sand

    An EPA-funded research study investigated the use of foundry sand and crushed concrete recycled into road base. Hear the results from the case study.

  • O'Fallon Casting's Growth

    In its 10 years as O'Fallon Casting, the investment caster's annual sales have grown from $10 to $25 million.

  • Institute's Million Dollar Pledge

    The AFS Institute has pledged one million dollars to the metalcasting industry to develop and rework its courses and content. The work was ignited by a desire to increase the Institute’s relevance and respond to the industry’s request for shorter, more interactive courses and continue to improve education for the industry.

    Classes for Casting Designers and Buyers

    AFS Institute Page

  • What Is AFS?

    The American Foundry Society (AFS) is a non-profit association serving members of the metalcasting industry both in the United States and abroad. Through various resources, AFS provides members with advocacy coordination and efforts in Washington, D.C., ongoing technical education through its Institute, as well as the transfer of innovative research and technology to the industry.

  • Spotlight on Metalcasting

    The documentary, which currently airs on PBS, educates the audience on the metalcasting process and the positive ways metal castings affect society.

  • Sponsored Video Tour of Premier Aluminum

    Sponsored video from Premier Aluminum: Premier is an ISO 9001-2008 certified permanent mold aluminum casting and machine shop with a reputation of partnering with its customers to find flexible and cost-effective solutions to a variety of product problems.

  • Sivyer Steel's Big Change

    Sivyer Steel is in the midst of a dramatic transformation. The strategy behind a nearly $12 million capital expenditure begun in 2010 was to become a technological leader through modernization.

  • Process Knowledge

    Failed castings, whether occurring as internal or external scrap or rework, become a significant operating cost that could be reduced by controlling the variables critical to specific parts. Dr. Hathibelagal Roshan, Maynard Steel Casting Co., discusses how to acquire process knowledge to reduce costs in this video.

    For more on the subject, read Roshan's article in Modern Casting.

  • Pricing and the CEO

    MODERN CASTING columnist Dan Marcus, TDC Consulting Inc., shares his views on pricing castings for the market.

  • MIT Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods

    From Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Two MIT OPENCOURSEWARE sessions introduce students to six sigma methods.

  • ME Elecmetal In Demand

    MODERN CASTING profiled ME Elecmetal in its January 2013 issue. The steel casting company has recently completed a $42 million plant optimization to meet the demand in the mining and minerals processing industries.

  • Global Casting Trends

    Alfred Spada, AFS director of marketing and publisher of MODERN CASTING, gave a presentation on global casting trends and markets at Metals China 2012.

  • Engaging Your Workforce

    Dennis Dotson, chairman for Dotson Iron Castings, Mankato, Minn., discusses how to engage your workforce to improve operations.

  • CastExpo '13 Exhibitor News

    Vulcan's VTS robotic technology, Bruker's radiation detection device and Hunter's new molding machine are highlighted.

Metalcasting is Advanced Technology

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