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  • Customer Success Story (Sponsored Video from General Kinematics

    (Sponsored by General Kinematics) Waupaca Foundry has been in the foundry business for 147 years, making a name for themselves in the market as a casting powerhouse and leaders in the industry. General Kinematics equipment can be found scattered throughout the foundry ranging from 3 to over 30 years of age. As you look from one unit to the next you can see the evolution of innovation that has come through this partnership. Join GK’s Foundry Director, Claude Hutchens, Mike Nikolai, CEO, COO, and President of Waupaca, and Bob Jeswinski, VP Manufacturing and Engineering Waupaca as they tell the story of their partnership.


  • AFS Advocacy

    Advocating for metalcasting is vital to all of us. Although you might not know it, you are almost never more than 10 feet from a metalcasting! They are everywhere. Because metalcasting is critical to manufacturing, it’s important to stand for metal casting. Here’s a look at how the American Foundry Society advocates for metalcasting in Washington and through events and publications.

  • Don't Resort to Luck-Build Your Training Strategy With AFS Institute e-Learning

    This webinar highlights how metalcasting businesses can bolster their workforce training with eLearning modules from the AFS Institute.

  • Osco Delivers: August 2017 Modern Casting

    AFS Corporate Member Osco Industries has finetuned its business to deliver quality parts with a short lead time by committing to gray iron, adding flexibility through inventory, and conservative revenue management. 

  • Batesville Products Inc.: September Modern Casting

    The aluminum permanent mold casting business relies on measurement and analysis to propel its continuous improvement projects. (Video from Batesville Products Inc.)

  • Soucy Invests in Metalcasting

    A manufacturer of track systems, parts, accessories and other industrial components spent more than $30 million to build a new plant next to the casting facility it just purchased, converting it from a local supplier to one of North America’s largest, most automated plants for large castings.

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  • Busche Builds Its Platform

    Busche Performance Group, seeking to become a competitive Tier-1 automotive supplier, acquired an aluminum casting operation as its first order of business.  Read more.

  • Manufacturing Day 2016 at AFS

    On Friday, Oct. 7, the American Foundry Society (AFS) hosted more than 250 students and adults at its 3rd Annual National Manufacturing Day event. As one of 17 national sponsors, AFS hosted Foundry in a Box demonstrations, gave a metalcasting trivia contest and received a proclamation from Illinois Governor's office.

    “Across the country, hundreds of manufacturers opened their doors on National Manufacturing Day to demonstrate modern manufacturing,” said AFS CEO Doug Kurkul. “AFS was proud to help represent the metalcasting industry in this endeavor.”

  • Miami Dolphins Sun Life Stadium Restoration

    Cast iron seat components produced by Atlas Foundry for American Seating are apparent in this video on the Sun Life Stadium restoration. 

  • Cast Football Face Masks Case Study

    Zuti Facemasks and Acra Cast are producing a new face mask for football helmets that looks cool and might help the sport reduce concussions. Watch this video from Steinbrink Engineering for more information. 

  • 2016 Metalcaster of the Year: Production Castings

    Aluminum and zinc diecaster Production Castings has built a reputation and strong business model on offering its customers added value from tooling to assembly.

  • CastExpo'16

    CastExpo'16 was a successful show bringing together the metalcasting supply chain for technology transfer and networking.

  • Webinar: OSHA's Sweeping Final Silica Rule: What is the Impact on Metalcasting

    OSHA published its sweeping final crystalline silica rule on March 25. Join us for a live webinar on April 12, when Tom Slavin, CIH, CSP, CSHM, Slavin OSH Group, will outline what is included in the final silica rule, how the final rulemaking differs from the proposed rule, and how to begin to prepare for compliance.

    Find more information about the rule at www.afsinc.org/silica.

  • New Roof Construction at Arthur Ashe Stadium

    From the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, this video shows the new roof constructed for Arthur Ashe stadium. Cast steel connectors were used as structural support for the new retractable roof built for the Arthur Ashe stadium, home of the U.S. Open's biggest tennis matches.

  • AFS Staff Presents Foundry in a Box at GEMS 2016

    Staff from the American Foundry Society took Foundry in a Box on the road to James B. Conant High School, Schaumburg, Illinois, on Feb. 7 to share the metalcasting industry with fifth and sixth grade girls as part of the District 211 Girls in Engineering, Math and Science (GEMS) Conference.

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  • Metalcasting Is Advanced Technology

    This video highlights the technological aspects of the metalcasting industry.

  • The Gearbox Inside the Biggest BAF Fan

    Check out the cast gearbox inside Big Ass Fans' biggest commercial fan. Besides the sand cast gearbox, BAF utilizes many U.S.-sourced diecastings in its products.  

  • Manufacturing Day 2015 at AFS

    AFS hosted more than 400 students, neighbors and local dignitaries in an open house Oct. 2 at its headquarters in Schaumburg, Ill. National Manufacturing Day is an annual event with the aim of encouraging students to pursue careers in metalcasting. 

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  • Talladega Pattern's Plunge Into Automation

    A small green sand nonferrous job shop answered the pull of customer demand with its first automatic molding line and sand system. 

  • Aluminum Structural Die Castings in Lightweight Concept Car

    This video highlights the main structural aluminum die castings designed for the Ford Fusion Concept Car to reduce weight for lower emissions. 

  • Eagle Alloy’s Innovative Approach to Sustainability

    Eagle Alloy Inc., a steel casting facility in Muskegon, Mich., has a proven history of finding unique methods of improving its overall operation. From recycling methane from a local landfill to its recently opened onsite employee health clinic, Eagle Alloy is dedicated to improving sustainability, which led to being named Modern Casting’s 2015 Metalcaster of the Year.

    For the full story, click here

  • AFS: Educate

    AFS exists in part to meet the career and educational needs of its members. Through Institute classes, in-plant training, the Education Solutions program, Metalcasting Career Center, reference and resource material, and various workshops, seminars and conferences, AFS helps drive the sustainability and growth of the metalcasting industry.

  • AFS: Advocate

    AFS is the leading voice for the metalcasting industry with federal and state lawmakers, as well as regulators.

  • What Is AFS?

    The American Foundry Society (AFS) is a non-profit association serving members of the metalcasting industry both in the United States and abroad. Through various resources, AFS provides members with advocacy coordination and efforts in Washington, D.C., ongoing technical education through its Institute, as well as the transfer of innovative research and technology to the industry.

  • 2014 AFS Manufacturing Day Open House

    AFS hosted a Manufacturing Day open house on Oct. 3, complete with metalcasting demonstrations to local businesses, students, families and neighbors.

  • Brillion Iron Works' Rejuvenation

    Once bankrupt, Brillion Iron Works is now a lean, profitable iron casting facility, thanks to the “Fix and Grow” strategy of parent company Accuride Corp.

  • Tour the Metalcaster of the Year: Aristo Cast

    See what it means to be 2014 Metalcasting Facility of the Year.

  • AFS Metalcasting Congress

    The AFS Metalcasting Congress is an annual technical conference and trade show event that brings together suppliers, foundries and casting customers for the biggest industry event of the year.

    For more information, go to www.metalcastingcongress.org

  • AFS's Role in the National Network of Manufacturing Innovation

    AFS has significant roles in two major manufacturing initiatives announced in February 2014 by President Obama as part of his National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. The new programs are backed by more than $300 million of public and private funds and aim to propel American manufacturing forward by bringing together product developers, researchers, manufacturers, universities and training institutions into regional hubs. The hubs will connect private businesses with research institutions to advance high tech manufacturing. For more information: http://www.afsinc.org/news/news.cfm?ItemNumber=16038

  • What Does Manufacturing Mean to You?

    From NAM: This video demonstrates the comeback of American manufacturing and the future it holds for all Americans.

  • O'Fallon Casting's Growth

    In its 10 years as O'Fallon Casting, the investment caster's annual sales have grown from $10 to $25 million.

  • Institute's Million Dollar Pledge

    The AFS Institute has pledged one million dollars to the metalcasting industry to develop and rework its courses and content. The work was ignited by a desire to increase the Institute’s relevance and respond to the industry’s request for shorter, more interactive courses and continue to improve education for the industry.

    Classes for Casting Designers and Buyers

    AFS Institute Page

  • Madison Kipp Hosts Students on Manufacturing Day

    From Madison Kipp Corporation: Madison-Kipp Corporation,Madison, Wis., hosted a day for area high school students to see how high pressure diecasting transforms molten aluminum into everyday recognizable products as was part of the National Manufacturers Day. The day was established to engage, promote, and encourage young people to choose a career in manufacturing. The students were very interested in the wide range of opportunities available to them as they contemplated their future work and career plans.

  • Wisconsin Lt. Governor Visits Metcast

    From Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch: Kleefisch visited Metcast, New Berlin, Wis., in September after its announcement of 15 new jobs and a 20,000 sq ft addition. The visit was one of several Kleefisch has planned as a ramp up for October: National Manufacturing Month.

  • Waukesha Foundry Observes Its Centennial Year

    From JS Online: As Waukesha Foundry enters its 100th year in business, defense contracting has slowed but the company remains busy making other castings. Video by Mark Hoffman

  • Watts Water Technologies' Lead-Free Facility

    From Watts Water Technologies: Watts' new lead-free casting facility was completed this summer. This video discusses the construction of the lead-free copper-base alloy plant.

  • Tonkawa Foundry Profile

    From Oklahoma HORIZON: Oklahoma is burning hot -- not from the weather, but rather from a golden liquid that creates new and better objects. Tonkawa Foundry is profiled.

  • Spotlight on Metalcasting

    The documentary, which currently airs on PBS, educates the audience on the metalcasting process and the positive ways metal castings affect society.

  • Sivyer Steel's Big Change

    Sivyer Steel is in the midst of a dramatic transformation. The strategy behind a nearly $12 million capital expenditure begun in 2010 was to become a technological leader through modernization.

  • Science Achievers Meet Metalcasting

    From Colin Parsons on vimeo: Students from a program through the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago work with the AFS Foundry in a Box kit.

  • Saguenay Foundry on Business Day with Terry Bradshaw

    From Saguenay Foundry: The metalcasting facility and its Nopatech® process were showcased on Business Day with Terry Bradshaw.

  • Pittsburg State's 12th ICI Certification Course

    From Pittsburg State University: The 30 participants in the 12th annual Investment Casting Institute's industry certification course at Pittsburg State came from all over the U.S. and countries such as New Zealand, Belgium, Turkey and Mexico in June 2012. Read the rest of the story at www.pittstate.edu/news/casting-institute-draws-from-around-the-world.

  • O'Fallon's Casting of the Year

    The elegant investment cast electronics housing incorporates dozens of as-cast features and serves as a stunning example of what is possible in design.

  • ME Elecmetal In Demand

    MODERN CASTING profiled ME Elecmetal in its January 2013 issue. The steel casting company has recently completed a $42 million plant optimization to meet the demand in the mining and minerals processing industries.

  • June 2013 Modern Casting Editorial

    Publisher Alfred Spada discusses the magazine's new Actable app features.

  • Installing Cast Aluminum Halves of Plasma Dynamo Experiment

    From University of Wisconsin-Madison: Professor Cary Forest and his team supervise as the two cast aluminum halves of the plasma dynamo experiment are moved into Sterling Hall. The experiment will investigate how magnetic fields are generated.

  • Global Casting Trends

    Alfred Spada, AFS director of marketing and publisher of MODERN CASTING, gave a presentation on global casting trends and markets at Metals China 2012.

  • Foundry by Composer John Mackey

    Composer John Mackey created this musical piece that middle and high school bands could play with found percussion. The result invokes plenty of metalcasting imagery.

  • FANG Challenge

    From DARPA TV, The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) launched a challenge to design a next generation military ground vehicle. The winning design will be built by the DARPA Instant Foundry Adaptive through Bits program.

  • CastExpo Man on the Street

    Hear what a few CastExpo attendees had to say about this year's show in St. Louis.

  • CastExpo '13 Exhibitor News

    Vulcan's VTS robotic technology, Bruker's radiation detection device and Hunter's new molding machine are highlighted.

  • 2013 AFS/MCDP Casting Competition

    Who won this year's casting competition? Who were best-in-class and honorable mention honorees? Watch the video to find out.

  • 116th Metalcasting Congress

    More than 2,200 metalcasters convened in Columbus, Ohio, April 17-20, 2012, for the 116th Metalcasting Congress to touch base with suppliers and peers, hear the latest research and trends reports, and congratulate industry award winners.

Metalcasting is Advanced Technology

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