MCTV Videos

  • New Melting at Fonderie Laperle

    Fonderie Laperle (Saint-Ours, Quebec, Canada) completed the installation of a new melting department in 2016, making the switch from cupola to induction melting. For more about Fonderie Laperle, read the article in the March issue of Modern Casting.  

  • Science Achievers Meet Metalcasting

    From Colin Parsons on vimeo: Students from a program through the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago work with the AFS Foundry in a Box kit.

  • Process Knowledge

    Failed castings, whether occurring as internal or external scrap or rework, become a significant operating cost that could be reduced by controlling the variables critical to specific parts. Dr. Hathibelagal Roshan, Maynard Steel Casting Co., discusses how to acquire process knowledge to reduce costs in this video.

    For more on the subject, read Roshan's article in Modern Casting.

  • Metalcasting Pouring

    MODERN CASTING shares molten metal pouring shots from various staff visits to metalcasting facilities across North America.

  • Changes in Steel Scrap Charge Material

    Current steel alloy trends may have an impact on cast iron metallurgy.

  • Casting 200 Series Aluminum

    David Weiss of Eck Industries discusses control methods for casting 200 series aluminum and how they can improve properties of 300 series aluminum castings, as well.

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