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  • Iron Casting From a Customer's Viewpoint

    In this video from 360 Yield Center, the ag manufacturer showcases its lost foam ductile iron stalk roll. This part is integral to the company's unique approach to nitrogen management in crops. 

  • Pouring a Crankcase in a 3-D Mold

    The crankcase being poured in this video is featured in the April 2016 issue of Modern Casting magazine.

  • Webinar: Integrating 3D Sand Printing Technologies Into Traditional Foundry Tooling Processes

    The advent of 3-D sand printing is a “game changer” in the metalcasting industry and will alter the way in which metalcasters address their tooling and casting needs in the future. No longer an “emerging technology,” 3-D sand printing must be seriously considered as a valuable tool in the development of engineered cast components. 

    This sponsored webinar from Craft Pattern and Mold focuses on when, and how, to incorporate 3-D sand printing technologies with traditional tooling methods to deliver cost effective, innovative solutions to today’s engineered metal casting challenges.

  • Miami Dolphins Sun Life Stadium Restoration

    Cast iron seat components produced by Atlas Foundry for American Seating are apparent in this video on the Sun Life Stadium restoration. 

  • Webinar: High Performance Aluminum Casting Alloys for Engine Applications

    In this sponsored webinar from Eck Industries, learn about a new range of aluminum alloys that boast superb casting characteristics coupled with high mechanical properties, opening up new applications for aluminum castings.

    In the early 1980s, promising research and development efforts focused on powder metallurgy revealed that aluminum alloys containing 4 wt% cerium exhibit high temperature mechanical properties exceeding those of the best commercial aluminum casting alloys currently in production. Cerium oxide is an abundant rare earth oxide that is often discarded during the refining of more valuable rare earths.

    More recently, the Critical Material Institute and Eck Industries developed a series of binary aluminum-cerium alloys with and without traditional elemental additions. This webinar will discuss the casting characteristics, mechanical properties and unique opportunities afforded from these innovative new alloys.

  • Cast Football Face Masks Case Study

    Zuti Facemasks and Acra Cast are producing a new face mask for football helmets that looks cool and might help the sport reduce concussions. Watch this video from Steinbrink Engineering for more information. 

  • Webinar: Introduction to 3D Sand Printing for the Metalcasting Industry

    This sponsored webinar from Hoosier Pattern covers the basics of additive manufacturing as well as explains the technology used to create molds and cores with a 3D printer. Led by Dave Rittmeyer and Steve Murray, both of Hoosier Pattern, the webinar gives full access to two industry veterans who have worked in metalcasting for a combined 50 years. The webinar covers the basics and explores how to utilize 3D printed sand components on your next project.

  • CastExpo'16

    CastExpo'16 was a successful show bringing together the metalcasting supply chain for technology transfer and networking.

  • Webinar: A Case Study in Optimizing Casting Design Using 3 D Printing

    In this sponsored webinar, presenters Jeff Shepler, the ExOne Corp., and Scott Chapman, Applied Technology Integration Inc. (ATI), illustrate the design optimization of a cast component utilizing 3D sand printing and various software technologies.

    The ExOne Design and Re-Engineering for Additive Manufacturing Center, in conjunction with the ATI engineering team, conceived and created the unique casting solution that resulted in a 33% weight reduction while maintaining the structural requirements demanded by the application.

    Using 3D modeling, topology optimization, shape optimization, and finite element analysis, the team was able to verify the redesigned casting's performance and show the full design freedom afforded by 3D printing.

  • Casting the Future

    This video is a great resource to show students the exhilarating careers to be found in metalcasting. For more information on how to reach out to students and the next generation of metalcasters, visit Melting Point.

  • The Gearbox Inside the Biggest BAF Fan

    Check out the cast gearbox inside Big Ass Fans' biggest commercial fan. Besides the sand cast gearbox, BAF utilizes many U.S.-sourced diecastings in its products.  

  • Aluminum Structural Die Castings in Lightweight Concept Car

    This video highlights the main structural aluminum die castings designed for the Ford Fusion Concept Car to reduce weight for lower emissions. 

  • Webinar: Cost Savings Opportunities in the Metal Casting Industry

    Tom Kayser teaches how to identify and implement cost reduction opportunities with your castings. Tom has a systematic approach and a check list he shares. It doesn't matter if you buy, sell, design, machine or assemble castings you will benefit from this webinar. 

    Tom has been pricing castings for Osco Industries for over 15 years and has a passion of working with his partners to identify ways to lower cost.

  • Design Details: 2015 Casting of the Year

    Design Details columnist Jiten Shah points out the casting features of the 2015 Casting of the Year--space frame nodes for the Acura NSX designed and produced by Honda of America utilizing the ablation casting process developed by Alotech Ltd.

  • Consolidating Features in an Investment Cast Prototype

    Jiten Shah, Product Development & Analysis, points out the unique casting features of an electronics mount produced by Aristo-Cast, Almont, Mich.

  • Design Details: Cast Ductile Iron Oil Pan by Aarrowcast Inc.

    Metal Casting Design & Purchasing magazine columnist Jiten Shah points out the unique casting features of the winner of the 2014 Casting of the Year competition.

  • Webinar: Enhancing Aluminum Castings for Structural Applications

    356 has been the primary aluminum alloy for structural applications in aluminum castings. However, there are easy to cast alloys that can outperform 356 in many applications. This webinar will explore higher strength and higher ductility 300 series alloys, 200 series alloy systems and the exciting development of aluminum casting alloys containing nanoparticles. 

    Presenter: David Weiss-Eck Industries

  • Webinar: To Offshore or Reshore? How to Objectively Decide

    Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative discusses total cost estimating for cast components that takes into consideration research and development, inventory carrying costs and travel costs associated with checking on foreign suppliers. For more information on reshoring castings, click here.

  • 3D Printing at Ford

    From Ford: See how additive manufacturing(3D printing) is used at Ford Motor Co.

  • What Does Manufacturing Mean to You?

    From NAM: This video demonstrates the comeback of American manufacturing and the future it holds for all Americans.

  • Design Details Transmission Housing

    Jiten Shah discusses the design features of an aluminum sand cast transmission housing produced by Denison Industries, Denison, Texas.

  • 3-D Sand Printing

    From Hoosier Pattern: The pattern shop's additive manufacturing system selectively dispenses foundry-grade resin into thin layers of specially engineered sand. The process produces accurate, uniform cores and molds rapidly, significantly reducing lead time.

  • Overview of Metalcasting Processes

    The presentation covers a varity of casting methods including lost foam, green sand and many more.

  • Volvo Trucks Cast Iron Hook

    From Volvo, the president of Volvo Trucks puts his neck on the line in his own exciting stunt showcasting the strength of metalcasting. No trick filming. Just Claes Nilsson, testing the new Volvo FMX.

  • Spotlight on Metalcasting

    The documentary, which currently airs on PBS, educates the audience on the metalcasting process and the positive ways metal castings affect society.

  • Sponsored Video Tour of Premier Aluminum

    Sponsored video from Premier Aluminum: Premier is an ISO 9001-2008 certified permanent mold aluminum casting and machine shop with a reputation of partnering with its customers to find flexible and cost-effective solutions to a variety of product problems.

  • Simplifying and Improving a Complex Welded Assembly

    Monarch Industries, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, recently worked with its customer Morris Industries, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, to convert a family of six weldments into machined D65-45-12 ductile iron castings.

  • O'Fallon's Casting of the Year

    The elegant investment cast electronics housing incorporates dozens of as-cast features and serves as a stunning example of what is possible in design.

  • May/June 2013 MCDP Editorial

    Al Spada, publisher of Metal Casting Design & Purchasing, gives a video editorial for the May/June 2013 issue.

  • Kinze 4900 Series Planter

    From Kinze Manufacturing: This brand new planter helps farmers plant seeds more accurately and at faster speeds. Its planter row unit features a new ductile iron cast design and was converted from a 30 stamped steel parts to six castings.

  • Electronics Housing's Design Details

    Design engineering consultant and author Jiten Shah, Product Development and Analysis, points out design elements in an investment cast aluminum electronics housing that aided in improved castability and resulted in multiple features cast into the part.

  • Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) Inspection

    From General Foundry Service, San Leandro, Calif., this video shows coordinate measurement machine (CMM) inspection of an aluminum casting that has been machined on a CNC vertical machining center and a CNC lathe to very close tolerances.

  • CFD Modeling of Da Vinci's Horse

    For 17 years, Leonardo Da Vinci researched how to produce Il Cavallo, a huge equine statue to be made out of bronze in a single pour. But when he finally had the clay model built and ready to be cast, all the needed bronze was taken to be used for a war against France. The mold and model were destroyed, and the statue was Da Vinci’s “horse that never was.” Despite Da Vinci’s confidence in the design, however, many engineers believed the casting would never have been successful any way. Recent advances in casting simulation technology provided a way to prove Da Vinci right. The Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence, Italy, sought to test DaVinci’s design and worked with XC Engineering (an Italian associate of Flow Science, Santa Fe., N.M.) and IMSS - Museo Galileo to conduct a casting simulation for the artwork. The result: Da Vinci’s 24-ft.-high, 70-ton bronze horse would have been successfully cast in a single pour in 165 seconds.

  • Casting Buyers Speak Out

    Casting purchasers Rex Harrison, Oshkosh Corp., and Roberta Brecheisen, Haldex Corp., discuss their sourcing strategies with Metal Casting Design & Purchasing magazine.

  • 2013 AFS/MCDP Casting Competition

    Who won this year's casting competition? Who were best-in-class and honorable mention honorees? Watch the video to find out.

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