AB&I Foundry Honored

October 11, 2017

AFS Corporate Member AB&I Foundry (Oakland, California), a subsidiary of McWane, has earned the International Living Future Institute's Declare label. The ILFI created Declare, a 'nutrition-label' for products that provides a clear, elegant, and informative method to disclose a product's ingredients, to provide product manufacturers the option for an additional level of confidence - third party validation from trusted third party verifiers.

"Declare is designed to transform the way buildings are designed and built making them safer for occupants and first responders. It's through this kind of transparency that change for the better will occur," said Kurt Winter, executive vice president, McWane Plumbing Group.

"AB&I knows that consumers and product specifiers are increasingly looking for transparency in products, whether it's to verify point of origin, to understand environmental impacts, or to eliminate exposure to toxic ingredients," the company said in a news release.

AB&I Foundry is a U.S. manufacturer of cast iron soil pipe and fittings for storm and sanitary plumbing systems. 

"Transparency is paramount to all AB&I's products. It's the AB&I way," said Michael Lowe, GM and VP Sales & Marketing. "The IFLI's Declare program offers an important opportunity for us to share our company's industry leadership in products that contribute to healthy and environmentally-safe design."

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