Richmond Industries Invests in New Cooling System

August 9, 2017

Richmond Industries (Dayton, New Jersey) recently purchased an open fiberglass cooling tower along with a water-to-water Plate & Frame heat exchanger, including a dual filtration system and pumping module. Installation of the new system started during their summer shutdown which began on July 24th. The new closed loop cooling system is expected to be more efficient and also reduce maintenance costs while eliminating unnecessary downtime.

The new system utilizes a water-to-water Plate & Frame heat exchanger installed inside the building. It will use cold filtered water from an outside open cooler made of fiberglass. The system has been sized to handle over 1750 KW of Induction heat load that powers six furnaces. Although the system still uses water to carry heat away from the furnaces, it will be a closed loop system on the furnace side of the cooling system thereby eliminating plugging caused by contamination and poor water quality.

“This investment will service our furnace and power supplies for many years to come,” explained Ed Chando, foundry manager.

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