Dynacast Announces Renewable Energy Initiative

May 2, 2016

Dynacast Lake Forest, California announced it has partnered with a major battery company to install five state-of-the-art power pack batteries.

According to a news release, the new partnership will lower Dynacast’s annual energy consumption by more than 6% and will also take them further in green initiatives. The five 200 kW modular battery blocks will act like efficient generators that allow Dynacast to control consumption and demand in peak hours.

The battery pack scales to the space, power, and energy requirements of the 115,000-sq. ft. plant.

“Dynacast believes in investing in our people, developing highly sought after manufacturing skills, providing the highest quality components for customers, and at the same time being mindful of our environment,” said Thinh Pho, general manager,
Dynacast Lake Forest.

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