Omen USA to Place First North American Facility in Indiana

January 28, 2016

Omen USA, Kibboutz Hatzor, Israel, is planning to place its first North American facility in Richmond, Indiana. According to a press release, up to 100 jobs will be created by 2019.

Omen USA is a subsidiary of Omen Casting Group and at first will invest $16 million to renovate a 76,000-sq.-ft. facility.

Omen is a global high pressure die casting company that employs more than 240 people at its facilities in Israel, Portugal and Russia. Aluminum parts for the automotive industry will be manufactured at the Richmond facility, and will be used by American and German manufacturers.

“Omen’s decision to invest in a project in Richmond, Indiana was taken to fulfill the commitments to our American clients of localizing Omen’s production, constructing a modernized facility near our customers and offering close support while minimizing supply chain risks,” said Gabi Rezinovsky, vice president of business development, Omen Casting Group.  

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