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Galleries for 2013


  • Castings Conquer the Sky

    Aviation uses a wide array of metal castings.

  • June

  • 2013 Casting Contest Submissions

    A variety of castings were submitted to the 2013 AFS/MCDP Casting Competition.

  • May

  • 151 Parts to Infinity

    Mathematician and sculptor Dr. Helaman Ferguson, PhD, worked with Danko Arlington Inc., a Baltimore job shop specializing in aluminum and bronze sand castings, to create a towering sculpture, the Umbilic Torus SC, with infinite lines. The silicon bronze castings for the outer shape of the piece were produced without pattern tooling. New Arts Foundry, Baltimore, welded the finished piece together as an assembly that weighs more than 20,000 lbs. The total weight of the sculpture is approximately 65 tons.

  • January

  • Casting Ant Colonies

    Watching a glass-enclosed ant farm wasn’t going to cut it for Walter Tschinkel, professor at the Department of Biological Science for Florida State Univ. To truly study the structure and architecture of subterranean ant nests, he turned to the practice of making casts. He first experimented with plaster and paraffin casts before incorporating metalcasting techniques to produce aluminum and zinc ant colonies. Tschinkel pours molten aluminum or zinc through the top of the nests. After the metal has traveled throughout the narrow passageways and tunnels and solidifies, he carefully digs out the solidified casting. The result produces a unique and intriguing look at how various species of ants live and nest. For more information on his technique, go to www.insectscience.org.

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