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Galleries for 2012


  • 2012 Castings in Action

    A wide array of cast parts and their end-uses were featured in Metal Casting Design & Purchasing's Castings in Action feature throughout 2012.

  • November

  • 2012 Casting Competition

    Check out all the noteworthy entries from the 2012 Casting of the Year Competition. The 2013 contest is now open for submission.

  • October

  • Waupaca's Mold Innovation

    Waupaca Foundry found a way to double the number of castings it could make per mold for a complex bedplate job.

  • Magnificent Magnesium and Its Uses

    Mostly due to it's lightweight qualities, magnesium is used in casting many everyday items, from car parts to electronics (and is even in vitamins for its health benefits).

  • August

  • Floating Castings

    Cast components are integral parts to marine products, from the artistic, to the fast, to the unique.

  • July

  • Great Plains' 3-D Printer Patterns

    The agricultural equipment manufacturer used a 3-D printing machine to prove out a new part as a casting, saving time and money.

  • March

  • Rock Island Arsenal

    The Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center, Rock Island, Ill., maintains a metalcasting facility to make it a fully integrated vertical manufacturer.

  • P&H Mining Equipment

    P&H Mining equipment makes a lot of fabrications at its Milwaukee manufacturing plant. But because of conversions to metalcasting, the number is decreasing.

  • Brass Rotunda

    State Brass Foundry and Machine manufactures this brass rotunda for JBT Aerotech in the centrifugal casting process.

  • Cummins Museum

    Join us as we tour Cummins Inc.'s corporate museum with technical advisor Ron Walling.

  • Castings In Action

    Castings are used everywhere, from streets to school buses to personal electronic devices.

  • Molten Metal Pouring

    Browse through some of our favorite pouring shots.

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