05.11.17: 2017 Casting Competition

Photos of the casting submissions to the 2017 Casting Competition.


Another Point for Casting Conversion

In Metal Casting Design & Purchasing, we share many stories and examples of casting conversions. These are engineered components originally produced with another manufacturing method that are redesigned for the metalcasting process. T...

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    01.13.18: Danko Arlington invests in 3-D sand printing

    The company, which was named Modern Casting magazine’s Metalcaster of the Year in 2017, has renovated and dedicated approximately 5,000 sq. ft of its original pattern shop (first constructed in 1945) to house the new equipment.

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    01.06.18: Lodge Manufacturing opens second Tennessee foundry

    The 127,000 sq. ft. facility is located blocks from the company’s original foundry, which is still in production. Lodge broke ground on the new plant in the middle of 2016 and production began in November 2017.

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    12.30.17: Toys collected at Burndy Foundry

    The Bethel team collected both unwrapped toys and cash that they used to purchase toys for the kids and filled the two containers with presents for over 50 boys and girls.

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