04.07.15: 2015 Casting of the Year Competition Submissions

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The Artist Is the Engineer

When discussing the sales dollars or tonnage of castings generated by the metalcasting industry, the focus is on engine cylinder blocks, valve bodies, compressor housings and thousands of other mass-produced engineered components that are the life...

Industry News

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    07.29.15: Nemak Raises $864M with IPO

    In late June, Nemak SAB, García, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, raised a total of $864 million in what was the country’s biggest IPO since 2013.

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    07.13.15: IBC Delivers Castings for F-35 Fighter Jet

    IBC Advanced Alloys Corp., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has delivered its first azimuth gimbal housing castings to Lockheed Martin to be used in the F-35 Lightning II.

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    07.01.15: Pace Industries, Port City Group Announce Merger

    Pace Industries and Port City Group have announced a merger that will establish a combined company of 12 divisions and 21 facilities with sales of approximately $600 million.

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