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AFS is the leading advocate for the metalcasting industry in government and regulatory issues, whether it's through helping members navigate regulations or meeting with elected officials on important topics, such as the new silica standard.

The experts on staff at AFS stay abreast of environmental topics, such as air, water, climate change, and waste and recycling regulations and legislation and advocate for policies that are beneficial to metalcasting businesses and their employees. We offer corporate members Government Affairs and EHS Solutions programs to stay on top of the legislative and regulatory climate.

Government & Regulatory News

  • 10.31.17: EPA to end "Sue and Settle" Practice

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced on October 16, 2017 that EPA would end the practice of regulation through litigation to resolve legal challenges to Agency actions and inactions known as “Sue and Settle.” Administrator Pruitt indicated that the “Sue and Settle” process “undermines the fundamental principles of government,” including: “(1) the importance of process, (2) adherence to the rule of law, and (3) the applicability of cooperative federalism.”

  • 10.17.17: AFS Supports EPA's Action to Repeal the Clean Power Plan

    On October 10, 2017, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to repeal the Clean Power Plan for Existing Power Plants. EPA presented the rule to the public as designed to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing utilities. AFS has argued that the rule would hurt U.S. metalcasters with dramatically increased energy costs.

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