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Metalcasting Research Foundation

Support of research is critical for North America to maintain a strong, vibrant, healthy and continually advancing metalcasting industry. This mission has never been more critical than now as government funding and priorities continue to shift from baseline manufacturing to "sexier" sciences. 

AFS has established the Metalcasting Research Foundation as a mechanism to fund metalcasting research, support educational efforts, and help ensure our future and legacy. It is time to take our fate out of the hands of politicians and special interest groups. By creating a not-for-profit foundation, we have established the mechanism to advance metalcasting technology, support educational institutions, and provide our members a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Please consider a tax deductible donation to the Metalcasting Research Foundation. AFS has the mechanism through the Research Board and Technical Committee Structure to focus, direct and oversee research activities that address our industry’s current and future needs. To donate to the AFS Research Foundation, download the form below and mail with your check to: 

Metalcasting Research Foundation NFP
1695 N. Penny Lane
Schaumburg, Ill. 60173 

Metalcasting Research Foundation Donation Form
Metalcasting Research Foundation Contributors

AFS Funded & Monitored Research

Currently, AFS is involved with several industry projects funded through research partnerships. AFS participates in these projects by securing industry partners and providing technical management and oversight. Current research funding partnerships include: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Industrial Technology funded through the Cast Metals Coalition (CMC) Program and U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) funded through the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC) Castings for Improved Defense Readiness (CIDR) Program.

Metalcasting Industry Funded & Monitored Research

AFS is currently a partner on six government/industry funded projects: 

  • Casting Standards and Specifications
  • Developing an Improved Combination of Strength and Permeability for Investment Shells Used with Foam Patterns
  • E-357 Aluminum Statistical Properties  
  • High Strength, High Toughness, Cast Aluminum Alloy
  • Superior Weapons Thru Casting (SWC) Program
  • Visual Inspection of Cast Products