Government and Regulatory

Foundry Sand Multi-Stakeholder Action Plan (MAP)

AFS has participated in a comprehensive process to increase the beneficial use of foundry sand with a broad group of stakeholders, including EPA, state regulators, potential end-users of foundry sand, and representatives of the metal casting industry.   This process has produced a Multi-Stakeholder Action Plan (MAP) which identifies key challenges and a comprehensive set of actions aimed at increasing the beneficial use of foundry sands.  The document addresses the economic and environmental case for beneficial use, promotes sustainable markets by linking foundry sand generators with potential end users, and establishes a coordinated framework to oversee implementation and measure progress.   

AFS has set a goal of 50% beneficial use of foundry sand by 2015.  Currently, the foundry industry estimates that about 28% of sands are directed to beneficial use. The industry and its partners hope to achieve this goal though implementation of the Priority Actions identified in the MAP.

Actions Aimed at Increasing the Beneficial Use of Foundry Sand