Government and Regulatory

Waste & Recycling

AFS works with its members, staff and committees to maintain compliance with waste and recycling. For further information, visit the U.S. EPA's Office of Solid Waste & Emergency Response site and the U.S. EPA's Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) site.

Redefinition of Solid Waste Rule Summary:  This report prepared by AFS provides an overview of the new Solid Waster Rule and how it affects the metalcasting industry. You can download the whole rule in completion through the links below:

Foundry Sand Multi-Stakeholder Action Plan (MAP): AFS has participated in a comprehensive process to increase the beneficial use of foundry sand with a broad group of stakeholders, including EPA, state regulators, potential end-users of foundry sand, and representatives of the metal casting industry.

AFS Foundry Industry Recycling Starts Today (AFS-FIRST): AFS-FIRST is an independent non-profit association that exists to educate foundries, end users, government agencies and other stakeholders about the benefits of using foundry byproducts.             

EPA Risk Assessment Says Use of Spent Foundry Sands Safe in Soil-Related Applications

AFS Comments on Mandatory Reporting of GHGs for Landfills Subpart TT: This document includes the comments from August 2011 submitted by AFS to the EPA.

Scrap Management Plan for Iron and Steel Area Source Foundries