Government and Regulatory

AFS strives to be an advocate for the industry in government and regulatory issues, whether it's through in-plant consultations for OSHA compliance or meeting with elected officials on important legislative topics.

The experts on staff at AFS stay abreast of environmental topics, such as air, water, climate change, and waste and recycling regulations and legistion and advocate for policies that are beneficial to metalcasting businesses and their employees. We offer corporate members Government Affairs and EHS Solutions programs to stay on top of the legislative and regulatory climate.

Government & Regulatory News

  • 06.30.15: Senator Spearheads AFS Supported Amendment on OSHA’s Silica Rulemaking in Budget Bill

    The amendment would require the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to conduct additional reviews and research before it could finalize the agency’s comprehensive silica rulemaking, which is scheduled to be released in 2016.

  • 06.30.15: Ratepayer Protection Act Passed

    The Ratepayer Protection Act would protect families and businesses from significant electricity rate increases or reduced electric reliability that may result from EPA’s pending regulations for existing power plants, commonly referred to as the “Clean Power Plan.”

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