AFS Institute In-Plant Training

AFS Institute in-plant training courses are an efficient and cost-effective method for training new skills to a group at your organization.  The Institute has 35 unique courses ranging in length from one half to three days in length that can be hosted in your facility.  In addition, there are five courses specifically designed around melting and testing equipment that can be offered at your location if the equipment is available.  The curriculum for all 40 courses is developed to teach new job skills in an interactive, hands-on, student-centered format.

Advantages of In-Plant Training

  • Efficient, cost effective skills training for a large group

  • Hands-on, engaging activities to reinforce skills development

  • Team building opportunities across roles and departments

  • On-site offers chance to instantly test out new skills in work environment with instructor guidance

  • Learning facilitated by industry subject matter experts provided by AFS Institute OR

  • Save on costs and select on-site experts to facilitate the learning from your needs’ perspective with AFS Institute developed curriculum – We train the trainer

  • Part of a larger educational event

  • Employees from multiple business units may attend

  • Discounts for AFS corporate members

With a large selection of metalcasting subjects to choose from, Institute in-plant courses are great additions to a larger or companywide training event.  Employees from multiple locations of your organization are welcome to attend. The group activities provide an excellent opportunity for team building across roles and departments at your organization and the change to immediately test out these new skills in the work environment with the guidance of the instructor.

Using the professionally developed curriculum, students’ learning of the new skills can be facilitated by certified instructors provided by the Institute or could be selected from subject matter experts at your organization.  The Institute offers “Train the Trainer” program to certify individuals at your location. This saves your organization additional money while providing the students with a perspective on the content for your business needs.

Contact us to discuss building a training plan. Discounts are available for AFS corporate members. Click here for a full list of available AFS Institute Courses.

For more information or to request a quote for training, contact us at 800/537-4237, or