National Emphasis Program for Primary Metal

OSHA is finalizing its nationwide comprehensive safety and health inspection program targeted at primary metals and according to agency that it is undergoing final review and should be released shortly. The National Emphasis Program (NEP) for Primary Metal will focus on SIC Code 33 which includes all foundries and some non-ferrous metalcasters. A local emphasis program for primary metal is already in place in Ohio and Region 1 (New England).

The safety and health inspection will focus on material handling and storage, lockout/tagout, machine guarding, hazard assessments, including the selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), 41 Air Contaminants (See List of Contaminants included below as Appendix A); review of all safety and health programs; and ergonomic hazards.

The metalcasting industry remains an enforcement target since we continue to experience higher than average injury/illness rates than the rest of manufacturing and have had overexposures to a wide variety of health hazards including lead, cadmium, silica, noise, carbon monoxide and various other chemical hazards. Once released, each region is expected to conduct outreach activities, including workshops on the NEP, to as many stakeholders as possible, typically three months prior to the commencement date for enforcement activities.

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