AFS Corporate Members

Below is the current list of AFS Corporate Members. For more information or to become and AFS Corporate Member, contact Leo Baran, AFS director of membership services, at 800/537-4237 ext. 201 or

A F K Corp
A Y McDonald Mfg Co
Aarrowcast Inc
ABC Coke

ABP Induction LLC
Acme Foundry Inc
A C Foundry Inc.
ACTech North America Inc
Advanced Pattern Works
Air Products & Chemicals Inc
Ajax Tocco Magnethermic
Akron Brass Co
Akron Foundry Co
Alliant Castings
Allison Abrasives Inc
Alpine Non-Ferrous Foundry of Canada 
Alu-Bra Foundry Inc
American Colloid Co
AMETEK Foundry Products
Anderson Global
Andritz Metals
Anvil International Inc
Applied Minerals Inc
Applied Process Inc
Aristo-Cast Inc
Arizona Castings II LLC
Armstrong Mold Corp
Asbury Carbons Inc
ASK Chemicals
ATEK Metal Technologies
Atlas Foundry Co Inc
Atriax Materials LLC
Aurora Metals Divison LLC (Hiler Industries)
Austin Foundry Corp
B & L Information Systems Inc
Babs Foundry Inc
Badger Alloys Inc
Badger Iron Works Inc
Badger Mining Corp
Bahr Bros Manufacturing Co
Baker Manufacturing Co
Beaver Valley Alloy Foundry Co
Behr Iron & Metal
Belmont Metals Inc
Benton Foundry Inc
Bespro Pattern Inc
Besser Company
Betra Mfg Co
Betz Industries
Bingham & Taylor Corp
Blackhawk de Mexico SA de CV
Bodine Aluminum Inc
Bognar and Company Inc
Boose Aluminum Foundry Co
Bremen Castings Inc
Brillion Iron Works
Bruker AXS Inc
Buck Co Inc
C A Lawton Co
C L Dews & Sons Fdry & Mach Co Inc
Cadillac Casting Inc
Canada Metal Pacific Ltd
Carbo Ceramics Inc
Carlson Tool & Mfg Corp
Carolina Bronze Sculpture Inc
Carpenter Brothers Inc
Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc
Cast Aluminum Solutions LLC
Cast Fab Technologies Inc
Cast Technologies Inc
Castalloy Inc
Casting Impregnators Inc
Casting Solutions LLC
Castwell Products LLC
Century Brass Works Inc
CFM Corp  
Champion Chisel Works Inc
Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co
Charter Dura-Bar
Chem-Cast Ltd
Chicago Faucet Co
Chicago Magnesium Casting Co.
Chris Erhart Foundry & Machine Co
Cimco Resources Inc.
Clay & Bailey Mfg Co
CMI Novacast Inc
CMI-Schneible Co
Colonial Metals Co
Columbia Steel Casting Co Inc
Conbraco Industries Inc
Consolidated Mill Supply
Coorstek Advanced Materials Hamilton ULC
CPP - Minneapolis Operation
Cumberland Foundry Co Inc
Cummins Inc
Curto-Ligonier Foundries Co
D W Clark Inc
D & L Foundry Inc
Dakota Foundry Inc
David J Joseph Co
Decatur Foundry Inc
Denison Industries Inc
Didion International Inc
Disa Industries Inc
Donsco Inc.
Dotson Iron Castings
Dualtech Innovative Casting Tech Inc
Dustmaster Enviro Systems
Eagle Alloy Inc
EBAA Iron Inc
Eck Industries Inc
Eirich Machines Inc.
Element Materials Technology
Elkem Metals Inc
Elkhart Brass Mfg Co Inc
Emerson Process Management
Emex LLC
Engis Corporation
Erie Bronze & Aluminum Co
ESI Group
ETA Engineering Inc
Fairfield Aluminum Castings Co
Fairfield Castings LLC
Fairmount Foundry Inc
Fairmount Santrol
Falcon Foundry Co
Fall River Foundry
Farrar Corp
Federal Bronze Casting Ind Inc
Ferroloy Inc
Finite Solutions Inc
FISA North America Inc
Fisher Cast Steel Products Inc
Flexovit USA Inc
Flury Foundry Co
Fonderie Saguenay Ltee
Ford Meter Box Co Inc
Foundry Solutions & Design
Franklin Iron Works Inc
Frazer & Jones Co
Fresno Valves & Castings Inc
Friends Foundry Inc
Fundicion and Casting Solutions SBC SA de CV
G & W Electric Co
Galesburg Castings Inc.
Gartland Foundry Co
General Foundry Service Corp
General Kinematics Corp
General Motors
Goldens Foundry & Machine Co
Graham-White Mfg Co
Grede Holdings LLC
Great Lakes Castings LLC
Griffin Industries Corp
Guardian Software Systems
Gudgeon Thermfire Intl Inc
H Kramer & Co
HA International
Haley & Aldrich 
Harrison Steel Casting Co
Henry Perkins Co
Henschel Andromat Inc
Heraeus Electro-Nite
Hickman Williams & Co
Hiler Industries
Hoosier Pattern
Howell Foundry LLC
Humtown Products
Hunter Foundry Machinery Corp
I Schumann & Co
I Sq R Power-Cable Co
IMF North America Inc
Inductotherm Corp
Industrial Ceramic Products Inc
Industrial Metals Recycling
Ingot Metal Ltd
Inproheat Industries Ltd
Integra Castings Inc
Interstate Castings
J & L Precision Castings
J R Hoe & Sons Inc 
J Walter Miller Co
Jensen International Inc
John Deere
Joy Mark Inc
Kansas Castings Inc
Kelly Foundry & Machine Co
Keramida Inc
Kirsh Foundry Inc
Kitashiba Electric Co. Ltd.
Kodiak Group
Kohler Co
Kurtz Bros Inc
Kurtz North America
Kuttner LLC
Kyanite Mining Corp
L A Aluminum Casting Corp
L.H. Marshall Co
Laempe + Reich Corp
Larpen Metallurgical Service
Latrobe Foundry Machine & Supply Co.
Leco Corp
Lee Brass Co
Lemfco Inc
Lethbridge Iron Works Co Ltd
Lethiguel SAS
Ligon Industries LLC
Littlestown Foundry Inc
Lodge Mfg Co
Lodi Iron Works Inc
Louis Meskan Foundry Inc
Lufkin Industries Inc
MacKenzie Castings LLC
Magma Foundry Technologies Inc
Magneco/Metrel Inc
Manley Bros of Indiana Inc
Matthews International Corp.
Maus USA Inc
May Foundry & Machine Co
Maynard Steel Casting Co
McHenry Brass Inc
McWane Inc
Meloon Foundries Inc
Meritor Inc.
Metal Technologies
MetalTek International
Metcast Service Tech Resources Inc
MIA Manufacturing Inc
Mid City Foundry Co
Midland Manufacturing Co
Midvale Industries Inc
Modern Equipment Co Inc
Monett Metals Inc
Morel Industries
Morgan Molten Metal Systems
Morrison Bros Co
Mouat Company Inc
Mountain State Carbon
Mueller Co
Naval Foundry & Propeller Center
Neenah Foundry Co
Neptune Technology Group Inc
Newport News Shipbuilding
Non-Ferrous Cast Alloys Inc
North Vernon Industry Corp
Northfield Manufacturing Inc
Nova Precision Casting Corp
O'Fallon Casting
O'Hare Foundry Corp
Oil City Iron Works Inc
Olson Aluminium Castings
Omaha Steel Castings Co.
Osco Industries
P C Campana Inc
Pacific Alloy Casting Co Inc
Pacific Steel Casting Co
Palmer Foundry Inc
Palmer Mfg & Supply Inc
Pangborn Corp
Peerless Metal Powders & Abrasive
Pentair Ltd
Perma-Cast Co
Peter E. Macler & Assoc PLLC
Pier Foundry & Pattern Shop
Piqua Emery Foundry Co
Plattco Corp
Plymouth Foundry Inc
Porter Warner Industries
Powerit Solutions
Precision Enterprises Inc/Duro Cast Inc
Precision Propeller Industries Inc
Precision Rail and Mfg Inc
Prince Minerals Inc.
PRL Industries Inc
Process Prototype Inc
Product Development & Analysis LLC
Prospect Foundry
Prototype Casting Inc
Pure Castings Co
Pure Power Technologies LLC
Quaker City Castings Inc.
Quality Castings Co
Rassini Frenos SA de CV
Rel Inc
Resource Recovery Corp
Rice Industries Inc
Richmond Casting Co Inc
Richmond Industries Inc
Rimrock Corp
Rio Tinto Alcan
Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium America
Roberts Sinto Corp
Rochester Metal Products Corp
Rockford Foundries Inc
Roloff Manufacturing Corp
Ross Aluminum Castings LLC
Rypac Aluminum Recycling
S & B Industrial Minerals NA
Sand Products Corp
Schaefer Furnaces Inc
Scott Sales Co
Seilkop Industries Inc
Selee Corporation
Seneca Foundry Inc
Simpson Technologies Corp
SinterCast Inc
Sivyer Steel Corp
Skate One Corp
Sloan Valve Co
SMG-Harson LLC
Smith & Richardson Mfg Inc
Smith Foundry Co
Snam Alloys Pvt Ltd
Southeastern Fdry Products & Fdry Coatings Inc
Southland Metals Inc
Spectro Analytical Instruments
Spring City Electrical Mfg Co
St Louis Precision Casting Co
St Marys Foundry Inc
Stahl Specialty Co
Stainless Foundry & Engrg Inc
Standard Alloys & Manufacturing
Strato Inc
Streator Dependable Mfg.
Superior Aluminum Castings Inc
Superior Graphite Co
Supreme Cores of The Carolinas Inc
Synchro ERP
T B Wood's Inc.
T H Mfg Co  
Tampa Brass & Aluminum Corp
Taylor Foundry Co
TDJ Group Inc
Textron Inc
The Hill & Griffith Co
The Federal Metal Co
The Modal Shop
Tinker Omega Mfg LLC
Tonkawa Foundry Inc
Torrance Casting Inc
Townley Foundry & Machine
TRC Environmental Corp
Tromley Industrial Holdings Inc
Tyco Fire & Building Products
U S Foundry & Mfg Co
U.S. Pipe & Foundry
U S Silica Co
Unimin Corp
United Brass Works Inc
United Milwaukee Scrap LLC
United Western Supply Co.
Universal Electric Foundry Inc
Urick Foundry Co
Urschel Laboratories Inc
Van Hydraulics Inc
Verichek Technical Services Inc
Versevo Inc
Victaulic Co of America
Viking Pump
Viking Technologies
Voestalpine Nortrak Inc
Vulcan Engineering Co Inc
Ward Corporation
Ward Manufacturing LLC
Warren Controls Inc.
Washburn Iron Works Inc
Washington Mills
Wasmer Company LLC
Waupaca Foundry Inc
Waxman Industrial Services Corp
Weatherly Casting & Machine Co
Weaver Materiel Service Inc
Weil McLain
Wellsville Foundry Inc
West Salisbury Fdry & Machine Co
West Supply
Western Foundries Inc
WGB Industries Inc
WGS Global Services LLC
Whibco Inc
Winnebago Foundry
Wirco Inc
Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co.
Wisconsin Box Co
Woodland/Alloy Casting Inc.
Zurn Industries Inc

Fairfield Aluminum Castings Co