Working With the Media

You’ve been contacted by a member of the media. Don’t panic. Despite the common perception, not all reporters are out to get you. In fact, media coverage can be an invaluable part of your marketing and business plan. And if you remember a few tips, you can make the experience entirely painless.

Be honest with reporters, but feel free to decline comment on questions that make you uncomfortable. If you ask that certain comments remain off the record, most reporters will oblige in the interest of maintaining a relationship.

Recognize that members of the media are on strict deadlines, and do what you can to accommodate them. Intentionally missing deadlines will not help you develop good relationships with the community of media members.

Be proactive with the media. Offer them positive stories regarding your facility and industry; however, be sure that the information you pass along is factual and newsworthy. Following is a list of important media contacts:

Television and radio

  • Public Service/Community Relations Director
  • Promotions Director
  • News Director/Assignment Editor
  • Editorial Director
  • Community Bulletin Board Director
        o Program Director
        o Sales Manager


  • Editor in Chief
  • Managing Editor
  • City Editor/Assignment Editor
  • Features Editor
        o Business Editor
        o Advertising Editor
        o Advertising Sales Manager

Sample Press Release
Engineered Solutions Through Metalcasting Brochure

Offer members of the media photographs that can be used with their story. Professional photos of your facility can help display it as the modern, sophisticated plant that it is. Click here for a gallery of sample photos.