AFS/Energy Star Partnership for Energy Efficiency in Metalcasting

EnergyAFS has partnered with ENERGY STAR to help metalcasting facilities reduce energy consumption and improve profitability. The program will help foundries develop a systematic approach and comprehensive energy management strategy. Participating companies can become ENERGY STAR “certified” and gain the right to use the ENERGY STAR banner and logo in communications with customers and the local community. Getting Started: [link to first webinar]

ENERGY STAR Training seminars:  AFS and ENERGY STAR have developed a series of web-based seminars called Energy Management 101 that will provide step-by-step help in developing a comprehensive energy management program for the metalcasting facility. 

Reduce your energy consumption 10% in 5 years. Receive AFS and ENERGY STAR recognition and awards. Participating companies can become consolidated partners and will be granted access to use the ENERGY STAR partnership logo above.

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