Structural Fill Case Studies


Case Study: Foundry Sand in Embankments and Fill
The nation’s Interstate highway system is the backbone of our transportation network, moving millions of cars and tons of freight each year.  Interstate construction projects have tight specifications and deadlines.  A project to reconstruct an interchange on I-94 near the Milwaukee airport is one example of how foundry sand can meet stringent technical requirements while saving money for departments of transportation.

Case Study: Foundry Sand as MSE Wall Backfill
An Ohio contractor used foundry sand as reinforced structural fill under the approaches to a bridge replacement project for the CSX Railroad.  The sand met Ohio DOT Supplemental Specification 871, “Embankment Construction Using Recycled Materials.”  The foundry sand supplier, Kurtz Bros., Inc., has supplied more than 250,000 cubic yards of foundry sand for similar highway projects in the past decade.
Case Study:  Foundry Sand as Structural Fill
A Wisconsin foundry supplied 38,000 tons of foundry sand for site development for a national “big box” retail store.
Case Study: Foundry Sand in Residential Home Construction
A Tennessee foundry supplied foundry sand as structural fill for residential construction projects.
Case Study: The City of Reedsburg Industrial Park
An industrial park in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, was developed on a 35 acre site, ultimately using some 230,000 cubic yards of foundry sand.
Case Study: Foundry Sand as Structural Fill and Road Base
A Pennsylvania aluminum foundry supplied used sand for a number of local construction projects.
Case Study: Foundry Sand as Backfill Material
A Wisconsin foundry beneficially reused 80,000 tons of foundry sand to backfill an old gravel mining pit.
Kohler Aims for Cleaner Bodies and a Cleaner Environment–Foundry Sand
US EPA news article on Kohler’s successful endeavors in working with the Wisconsin DOT and other parties to recycle their foundry sand as a subbase for roads and other construction applications.