AFS Sand Casting Consortium


AFS has partnered with the National Industrial Sand Association (NISA) to create a research consortium to develop and monitor research focused on improving the sand casting process.

The decision to form the consortium was formalized during a recent workshop, held at AFS Headquarters, which included presentations about the latest research on dimensional accuracy and tolerances in sand casting. The event was attended by more than 45 people representing 12 metalcasting facilities, 15 metalcasting supply companies and three research organizations. The workshop identified potential paths to move sand casting into the future. The discussions identified better dimensional controls and improved sand mold stability, the ability to produce more complex castings, real-time instrumentation for measuring green sand properties, more accurate computer modeling of green sand molding, zero emission sand casting, improved surface finish and other technical challenges as areas for sand casting improvement.

The AFS and NISA membership consortium is open to all metalcasting personnel and will develop research programs to address the technical challenges that have been identified.  

For more information or to join the consortium, contact Steve Robison, AFS senior technical director, at  or 800/537-4237 ext. 227.

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