January/February 2012


Digital Edition 

Editorial: A Snapshot of Safety, A.T. Spada 

1. Forecast of the Metalcasting Industry, MCDP Staff Report
U.S. metal casting sales were up over the past year and are expected to continue the trend through 2015.

2. World Census, MCDP Staff Report
How is the rest of the world doing in metal casting sales? We’ve broken it down by region and metal. 

ONLINE RESOURCE: Past World Censuses

3. U.S. Census, MCDP Staff Report
See the breakdown of U.S. metalcasters by production, alloy and more.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Map of U.S. Facilities by State

Testing the Limits of Ablation, D. Weiss, J. Grassi, B. Schultz and P. Rohatgi
A process known as ablation could enhance the possibilities for casting alloys.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Research paper on ablation casting of metal matrix composites.

Avoid These Steel Sourcing Pitfalls, MCDP Staff Report
Read up on these supply chain errors and be sure to avoid them when dealing with your metal casting supplier.

Testing 1-2-3: Examining Wrought Alloys, MCDP Staff Report
Testing the mechanical properties and phase transformation of two wrought alloy families.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Additional article on casting wrought alloys.