AFS Institute Chapter-Sponsored Courses

Chapter-sponsored courses are a great way to bring AFS Institute courses to your location, providing you with an opportunity to demonstrate your chapter’s education commitment to the area. 

Advantages of Institute Chapter-Sponsored Training for Your Region

  • Immediate impact, high value, unbiased skills training for a large group
  • Core to your chapter’s educational mission
  • Convenient at your region, minimized lost time for travel
  • Hands-on, engaging activities to reinforce skills development
  • Networking opportunities
  • Learning facilitated by industry subject matter experts provided by AFS Institute or select experts in your region – We train the trainer
  • Part of a larger regional event

Course Selection

Chapter-sponsored courses are AFS Institute courses selected by the chapter and held at an appropriate training facility in their region.  With the proper facilities, all the Institute courses are available for selection. 

Click here for a full listing of available courses.


Chapters promote these courses to their members and region as well as neighboring regions.  Personal invitations to attend are always a great way to encourage attendance. These courses require a minimum of 12 registered students.  The maximum number of students will depend on the training facility.  The minimum must be met four weeks prior to the first day of the course. 

Chapter Rebates

In exchange for your active participation in course promotion, your chapter will receive credit for each student attending the course from their region.  The chapter rebate amount is shown below and the students do not need to be members for the chapter to receive credit:

Number of Students Rebate per Student
12-20 $20
21-30 $25
31 and over $30

Click here to request a chapter-sponsored training course. 

 AFS Institute will provide the following:


We work with the supporting chapter contact to identify an appropriate training facility, and the Institute will make those arrangements.  Course materials will be sent to a designated chapter contact prior to the course. 


Course registration will be available on AFS Community Hub.


The course facilitator(s) can be sourced by the Institute and recommendations for local facilitators are welcomed.  We are always eager to train new facilitators who can provide excellent subject matter expertise and course instruction. 


Marketing our activities is essential for healthy attendance.  In addition to your marketing efforts, the course will be marketed through the regular Institute course marketing methods, including print marketing if the course is scheduled within a suitable timeframe.  All methods of e-marketing are used for promoting course activities including, but not limited to, AFS website, emails, webinars, Casting Connection, and other social media. 

Click here to request a chapter-sponsored training course. 

Or please call 847-824-0181 or email Bo Wallace,