MC March 2014

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Editorial: "A Rebirth in the Making?" A. T. Spada

Castings Sustain Communities, D. Kapel
A charity’s innovation helps HIV/AIDS survivors thrive in Africa.

Becoming Problem Solvers, S. Wetzel
Richmond Industries is investing in people to help grow the company from a small to a medium-sized manufacturer.

Reining in Costs, Controlling Emissions, R. Torielli, F. Cannon, R. Voigt, T. Considine, J. Furness, J. Fox, J. Goudzwaard, H. Huang
Innovations in binders, coke replacements and advanced oxidation may decrease consumption and boost efficiency in ductile iron casting facilities. 

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Cause and Defects, D. Kapel
Detect the causes of and determine remedies for common surface flaws in sand castings.

Metalcasting Congress, A Modern Casting Staff Report
Event Highlights p. 58, Workshops & Seminars p. 61, Schedule of Events p. 62, Award Winners p. 64, Technical Program p. 65. Exhibitors p. 72, Cast in North America p. 75, Casting Technology Showcase p. 77.