e-Learning Subscription Program

AFS and the Institute has launched an exciting new training and education program available to Corporate Members. You choose what your staff learns and when. Take one course module at a time, or binge-learn for a day. Hit the start button for learning today.

“The AFS Institute e-learning modules are a great resource. These modules cover a wide range of relevant topics that are specific to our industry and reasonably priced. Some of the more complex topics are broken down into manageable pieces. This has allowed us to use this resource on company time as part of our apprenticeship program, as a refresher for some of the longer-term employees and to provide employees from one department an opportunity to better understand what takes place in other departments.”
-Jeff Hall, President, Benton Foundry

“The AFS e-Learning modules are now a part of the learning and development process for key positions within our production and quality departments. The modules' content and examples provide consistency for the building and the transferring of knowledge, with seasoned and new workers in specific areas of the operations.”
-Glenn Huneycutt, Division Training Manager, Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co.

"I really appreciate the training and the e-learning management system is really easy to use."
-Alex Heimsoth, Sourcing Engineer/Industrials Group, Gardner Denver

"The AFS e-Learning program provides great value. As we transition generationally the courses cost effectively train onsite without travel."
-Tim Brown, Vice President, Benton Foundry

The e-Learning Subscription Program gives your organization full access to online training modules for formal staff training or when specific needs arise. Access to individual modules can be purchased for a student at $50 (members)/$100 (nonmembers). 

Watch a demo of a e-learning module here.


  • Unlimited access to all available AFS Institute e-learning modules.
  • Exposes staff to various metalcasting processes, materials and disciplines.
  • The ability to customize your training needs.
  • Staff can learn together.
  • Eliminates travel expenses and time out of office/foundry.

Program Requirements and Fees:

  • Corporate membership must be maintained or established.
  • You will need to designate a training administrator.
  • Annual subscription fee based on number of employees PER FACILITY. 
  • $1,000 up to 100 employees (per facility).
  • $2,000 up to 250 employees (per facility).
  • $4,000 over 250 employees (per facility).

Click here for a subscription form. For more information on the program, contact Neal Bender at nbender@afsinc.org or 800-537-4237 ext. 213. You can also watch this webinar for more information.

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Modules Available

Modules also available in Spanish denoted by ESL.

3D Sand Printing Modules
3D Sand Printing Process and Terminology
3D Sand Printing Benefits

Aluminum Modules
Aluminum Casting Alloys
Aluminum Casting Applications
Aluminum Casting Production
Aluminum Casting Defects: Gas Porosity and Shrinkage Porosity

Casting Defect Analysis Modules
Introduction to Casting Defect Analysis
Gas Related Defects
Oxide Related Defects
Sand Related Defects
Shrink Related Defects
Casting Defect Analysis Practice and Conclusion

Cast Iron Modules
Introduction to Cast Iron-ESL
Introduction to Cast Iron Microstructure-ESL
Six Families of Cast Iron
Elements in Cast Iron
Introduction to Cast Iron Melting
Basic Melt Practices for Cast Iron-ESL
Introduction to Cast Iron Heat Treatments
Cast Iron Defects: Solidification Shrinkage in Gray Cast Iron

Coldbox Modules
Coldbox Coremaking Process
Coldbox Coremaking Components
Coldbox Core Quality and Casting Defects
Coldbox Tooling Design Basics

Copper Modules
Copper Casting Alloys
Copper Casting Applications 
Copper Casting Production
Copper Casting Defects: Shrink

Gating and Riser Design Modules
Functions and Features of a Rigging System
Basics of Heat Transfer Principles for Riser Design
Risering Iron Castings
Basics of Fluid Dynamics for Metalcasting Gating Systems

Green Sand Molding Modules
Green Sand Raw Materials-ESL
Green Sand Preparation and Quality Control-ESL
Green Sand Molding Equipment-ESL
Green Sand Molding Process-ESL
Green Sand Compaction-ESL
Introduction to Green Sand Defects-ESL

Intro to Metalcasting
Big Picture of the Casting Process-ESL
Casting Design for Castibility
Types of Casting Tooling
Casting Material Properties

Lost Foam Modules
Lost Foam Basics
Lost Foam Design for Aluminum Castings

Metalcasting Safety Modules
Chemical Binder Handling Safety Requirements

Nobake Modules
Nobake Molds and Core Process
Nobake Materials and Equipment
Nobake Mold and Core Defects

Sand Testing Modules
Methylene Blue Clay Test
Sieve Analysis and Grain Fineness Number (AFS GFN)
pH of Sand
Moisture Determination for Sand Testing
Sand Sampling Methods
AFS 2 in. Dia. x 2 in. Specimen Preparation, Rammer Method
AFS Clay
Loss on Ignition (LOI)
AFS Permeability for Green Sand
Wet and Dry Compression Strength for Green Sand
Wet Tensile Strength for Green Sand
Acid Demand Value (ADV) of Sand
Tensile Strength for Chemically Bonded Sand

Steel Modules
Steel Casting Alloys
Steel Casting Production
Introduction to Steel Heat Treatments
Steel Casting Quality Requirements and Inspection Methods
Steel Casting Defects:Shrinkage

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