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The AFS Institute, formerly Cast Metals Institute, hosts practical courses, seminars and workshops annually on all metalcasting processes, materials and disciplines, at AFS headquarters, in-plant seminars, and other venues throughout North America. Since 1957, the Institute has trained more than 89,700 students within the metalcasting industry. 

AFS Institute has invested $1 million dollars to the metalcasting industry to develop and rework its courses and content. The work was ignited by a desire to increase the Institute’s relevance and respond to the industry’s request for shorter, more interactive courses. 


  • Courses: Categories and descriptions for the growing list of 37 and counting courses regularly offered by the Institute.
  • Course Schedule: This link provides calendar dates for upcoming courses scheduled.
  • In-Plant Training: Bring the Institute to your facility.


The AFS Institute offers over 60 e-learning modules ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour+ in length and viewable on any device or browser in our new Learning Management System (LMS).

E-Learning Subscription Program: Access the full suite of e-learning modules for your employees with a subscription.

E-Learning Modules a La Carte: E-learning modules ranging from 15 minutes to over an hour in length also are available for individual access for 30 days. 

Our e-learning modules focus on practical application you can use in your job immediately. Each module is based on adult education best practices and strives to engage you throughout the learning.

The e-learning modules consist of the following topics:

  • 6 casting defect analysis modules
  • 6 green sand molding modules
  • 3 nobake molding & coremaking modules
  • 4 coldbox coremaking modules
  • 8 cast iron modules
  • 4 copper modules
  • 5 steel modules
  • 4 aluminum modules
  • 14 AFS Mold & Core sand tests
  • 4 Gating & Riser Design modules
  • 1 Metalcasting safety
  • 4 Introduction to Metalcasting modules
  • 2 3D Sand Printing modules

New modules and topics are being added regularly. Check back soon!

To be advised when more e-learning courses are available please contact the AFS Institute at



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