Institute's Million Dollar Pledge

The AFS Institute has pledged one million dollars to the metalcasting industry to develop and rework its courses and content. The work was ignited by a desire to increase the Institute’s relevance and respond to the industry’s request for shorter, more interactive courses. 

The courses now offered by the Institute follow best practices in adult learning. New opportunities offer entry level knowledge and skills and build up to more advanced technology and applications, making a clear delineation of 100, 200, 300 and 400 level classes. The first new classes, updated versions of Introduction to Metalcasting and Casting Defect analysis, sold out.

Participants find the classes to be shorter, more interactive and better focused on practical skills that can be applied immediately on the job.

In reworking the courses, the Institute contracted with a number of instructional designers who work with subject matter experts from within the industry. By following an instructional systems design approach, course designers select appropriate instructional methods and supporting materials that incorporate the latest research in both adult learning and metalcasting. While new classes are currently on the course schedule, the redesigning work is ongoing.

Courses will continue to be delivered in either the Institute’s classroom or at metalcasting lab facilities, and many can be done at plant sites or as chapter courses.