December 2012

The Future Leaders of Metalcasting meeting was held Dec. 11 in conjunction with the AFS Marketing & Selling of Castings Conference in Schaumburg, Ill.

YEM members were invited to the conference reception on Dec. 10, and joined the conference for the first presentation the following morning, “North American Metalcasting: 2013 Forecast & Global Status Report,” presented by Alfred Spada, AFS director of marketing and editor/publisher of MODERN CASTING and Metal Casting Design & Purchasing.

Following the presentation, the group split off for two additional presentations. “R&D (Manufacturer’s) Tax Credit,” was presented by Kraig Vondran, Farrar Corp. In his presentation, Vondran discussed how he applied this credit at his facility to improve profitability, and explained how other operations also can take advantage of the credit.

Michael Collins, Robert W. Baird Co., then presented, “Private Wealth Management.” Collins discussed ensuring private wealth is properly invested and secure. He also touched base on leading economists’ forecasts for the coming year and discussed how it may affect current investments.

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