Career Development

Student Outreach

The American Foundry Society (AFS) has prepared several resources to be used with students of varying ages to plant the seeds to develop, grow and sustain the industry and necessary talent. Without cultivating new talent, the industry will not be able to remain competitive in today’s global manufacturing environment. AFS chapters, groups, teachers and even parents can draw upon this web page to spotlight the metalcasting industry and have fun while doing it!

Outreach Resources

Community Outreach

AFS, its chapters, committes and members continuously work to spread the word of metalcasting throughout their communities. Click here to see how.

AFS is committed to the metalcasting industry and the development of new talent to fill the demands of the industry, which is why 47 professional chapters and 37 student chapters operate throughout North America and more than 800 volunteers in the  technical committee structure. Learn more about AFS by clicking here.

AFS also offers student membership, which provides similar benefits to individual members.