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AFS exists in part to meet the career and educational needs of its members. Through Institute classes, in-plant training, the Education Solutions program, Metalcasting Career Center, reference and resource material, and various workshops, seminars and conferences, AFS helps drive the sustainability and growth of the metalcasting industry.

Training programs include classes held at AFS headquarters in Schaumburg, Ill., as well as in various locations across North America. Companies may also schedule in-plant training sessions for the convenience of their employees. Popular classes also are available as instructor-led internet courses or self-paced on-demand courses.

AFS classes and workshops tackle specific industry segments and issues, providing tools and resources to attendees to apply in their own facility.

The AFS Career Center offers a specialized job search venue geared toward metal casters, both those looking for employees and those looking for work.  

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Education Calendar

  • February 18 – 19, 2015 : Green Sand Molding 201 #18-15

    The second course in the green sand molding series, this course provides participants with the next level of knowledge related to the sand molding processes used within green sand foundries. The first day will focus on an introduction to applications requiring specialty sands; types of sand additives and their effects on green sand; equipment; sand handling and storage; sand reclamation and re-use; and green sand process variables and methods to make adjustments to ensure a quality mold is made. The second day will address green sand quality control tests for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, reviewing the types, purpose, frequency, and typical result ranges for each, and finish with an introduction to statistical process control for sand systems.

  • February 25 – 26, 2015 : Casting Defect Analysis #19-15

    In order to determine the true root cause of a casting defect and select the proper corrective action, a systematic evaluation method must be applied. The intention of this course is for participants to become proficient in applying a ten step procedure that will enable them to analyze and reduce metalcasting defects by correctly identifying defects and their root causes, and determining appropriate corrective actions. This course is applicable to sand molding processes (green, nobake, coldbox, shell).

  • March 10 – 10, 2015 : Aluminum 101: An Introduction to Aluminum & Aluminum Casting Processes #20-15

    An introductory course covering the characteristics and properties of aluminum, alloying elements and their general applications and considerations for working with aluminum cast parts. This course also covers melting technology and foundry casting technology, and looks at the decision making process behind specific technologies used.

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