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AFS exists in part to meet the career and educational needs of its members. Through Institute classes, in-plant training, the Education Solutions program, Metalcasting Career Center, reference and resource material, and various workshops, seminars and conferences, AFS helps drive the sustainability and growth of the metalcasting industry.

Training programs include classes held at AFS headquarters in Schaumburg, Ill., as well as in various locations across North America. Companies may also schedule in-plant training sessions for the convenience of their employees. Popular classes also are available as instructor-led internet courses or self-paced on-demand courses.

AFS classes and workshops tackle specific industry segments and issues, providing tools and resources to attendees to apply in their own facility.

The AFS Career Center offers a specialized job search venue geared toward metal casters, both those looking for employees and those looking for work.  

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  • November 11 – 12, 2014 : Gating & Riser Design #08-15

    This course, for horizontal sand molding applications, will cover both ferrous and nonferrous theory and practice. A 2-day lecture course, topics covered include turbulence, solidification, shrinkage, metallostatic pressure effects, gating and riser system design and calculations, mold-wall movement, pouring times, and placement and feeding distance of risers.

  • November 18 – 18, 2014 : Aluminum Crucible Furnace Practices #09-15

    This course covers basic furnace and crucible operations, including optimization, operations and maintenance practices for both electric and fuel-fired aluminum crucible furnaces. Participants of this course will leave with the knowledge or skills needed to select an appropriate aluminum crucible for their needs, operate and maintain aluminum crucible furnaces, store and handle crucibles to maintain the life of the crucible, install refractories and avoid premature deterioration of the refractory, monitor and manage heating systems and burners, and optimize crucible furnace operations so that usage at any stage is efficient.

  • November 19 – 20, 2014 : Aluminum Metallurgy 201 #10-15

    The purpose of this course is to provide target audience participants with knowledge and skills regarding the nomenclature, terminology, principles, and techniques for the metallurgy of aluminum base casting alloys. This course makes clear the reasons why foundry personnel 'do what they do' in relation to aluminum casting metallurgy. This course examines aluminum structure and properties, the effects of alloying elements and the influence of melting operations on impurities; how to interpret (read) phase diagrams and recognize characteristics from microstructures; how grain refinement and modification work in foundry operations, how they are measured and the benefits of both; inclusion formation and filtration techniques; and much more.

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