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One-Call Exposure

We just received a phone call, a phone call like so many others we field during the course of our monthly publishing cycle. A gentleman from Sawbrook Steel Castings Co. LLP, Cincinnati, was at the other end of the line. He wanted to know how he could publish a report of his company’s recent ISO recertification. Unbeknownst to him, he had already done everything he needed to do to get some free ink on his certification.

That’s right: if you want to see your company’s name in print with your recent certification next to it, all you have to do is call the editor at your friendly neighborhood metalcasting trade magazine. That’s it. As long as the certification can be confirmed with the certifying body (read: just tell the truth), you’re in.

So give MODERN CASTING (or any other trade publication, for that matter) a call today and tell us about your certification. We’ll print it up.

Found Casting: Smithsonian Ground Squirrel

As you can see, the inscription below this sculpture, found in the Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C., indicates you’re looking at a cast version of a hibernating ground squirrel.

In the museum, the casting is used for its ability to reach cold temperatures. The sculpture is tucked inside a nook that is refrigerated to mimic the sort of environment a ground squirrel is capable of withstanding while hibernating for the winter. Visitors to the museum are invited to reach into the nook and touch the casting to see just how cold the environment is.

What struck us as amusing was that the museum curators felt the need to announce in the inscription that the ground squirrel was cast. Apparently, this piece was so detailed and lifelike they had to ensure everyone that the exhibit was indeed not a live ground squirrel in order to get them to reach out and touch it. Now that’s precise casting.


Blog On, Metalcasters

A metalcaster is now blogging.

Incredible, huh? Never thought you’d see the day, did you?

And for every person who is amazed by this news, we’ll bet there are two people who think it’s not a good idea. “Waste of time,” those people will say. Well let us tell you why it’s a great idea.

Besides the obvious benefits of getting the story of your business out there in the public record, writing a blog is a dynamite way to increase your website traffic. When Joe Public goes to Google and types in “castings,” he will get a number of returns. How does Google decide which websites to offer? For one thing, it likes websites that are rich with keywords and updated regularly. A blog gives your site both of those things.

The blogger is Bremen Castings, and the entries date back to March 18 of this year. The company may or may not be seeing returns on that investment of time and effort just yet (improving your search engine popularity is a gradual process), but we’re willing to bet it will pay off in the long run.

For more information on how to improve your website traffic, check out this article in MODERN CASTING, then sit down and get to work. You’ve got a blog to start.

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