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3-D Metalcasting Coming Soon?

While the rage of 3-D movies has slowed a little the last few months, many of our kids are excited about the new Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming system that is coming out later this year. It will allow for gaming in 3D in the palm of your hands. With this type of technology now in the mainstream (and outside of Hollywood), does it present an opportunity for metalcasting? We believe it does from a public relations perspective.

A 3-D video of metalcasting would allow you to reach out and practically touch molten metal. This is the single most powerful image our industry produces. It also is about as cool as possible for manufacturing. This powerful, cool image could have a profound effect as the next generation tries to decide what its future holds.

Do you remember the driving forces behind why you chose the profession you are in?  Was it a movie? A television show? A person or thing you admired? We can’t underestimate the importance of being cool.

So watch out—soon molten metal could be pouring in your living room.

Spreading Holiday Cheer, Internet Reach

Search engine providers are secretive about the algorithms they use to deliver returns on keywords. Companies like Google won’t divulge exactly what their programs seek when they race through cyberspace looking for sites to suggest to users.
However, one thing we know for sure is that popularity and traffic build on themselves. The more people that go to your site, the more others will be directed to it.
So, when we got an email from Cast Strategies LLC, Dublin, Ohio, over the holidays directing us toward this link and then found ourselves clicking on the link, we were impressed. What a great way to drive traffic to your site and potentially build your search engine rankings.
This isn’t to say you should immediately blast all of your email contacts with an e-holiday card hosted on your website; it’s a reminder that you should be thinking about ways to drive people to your site on a regular basis. Try a regular newsletter about products and services. Or post white papers that might be helpful to your customers. Or start a blog.
Whatever you do, keep updating, whether you’re in the holiday spirit or not.

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