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Casting Sets Another Tone

It’s official. Metalcasting rocks.

When our sister publication ECS (now Metal Casting Design & Puchasing) waxed melodically about the metal castings found in musical instruments in 2007, it hit the cymbals, drums, piano and hand bells. Now, castings are adding a decorative touch to the most ubiquitous of instruments—the guitar.

DBZ Guitars, Chicago, is using jewelry-style castings to adorn a new line of its handmade axes. You can see the intricate inlays and read more about the company’s guitars in an article on

The article reports that the castings are produced in the hand casting process, which uses permanent molds to produce products with enhanced surface finishes. According to the article, the casting “is designed in high detail and finished in 24k gold and nickel.”

Fighting—and Winning—Against Lawsuit Abuse

A small Michigan metalcasting operation, Acra Cast, was sued in 2006 by a neighbor claiming contaminants from the facility damaged his five cars, carpet and siding of his house. This was the man’s 24th lawsuit in the county. Acra Cast, which had a clean environmental record with no complaints until then, fought the suit and eventually won. But the cost to defend the business was close to $20,000, a substantial amount for the 15-employee shop.

Acra Cast’s story is the subject of a new video produced by the U.S. Chamber Institute of Legal Reform as part of its Faces of Lawsuit Abuse campaign.

Many similar lawsuits are settled before they make it to court. Acra Cast stood its ground—defending its name and the jobs of its 15 employees. Unfortunately, even in the win the company was penalized. Richard Singer, one of the owners of the company, said, “We spent close to $20,000 defending ourselves during a time when we should have been using the money to buy new equipment and improving our facilities.”

The video is being shown as a movie trailer in Albany, N.Y. and can be viewed online with other similar stories at


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