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Metalcasting in the Movies


Industrial processes show up often in the entertainment industry, and metalcasting is no exception.hobbit

Peter Jackson provides some good examples in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and most recently in the second installment of The Hobbit—The Desolation of Smaug.  [Warning: spoilers]  It includes a fully fledged foundry in highly animated action, with dragon-lit forges melting untold tons of gold to produce a gigantic cast statue of a dwarf.  As it is being poured, exiled king Thorin Oakenshield rides a wheelbarrow down a rushing canal of molten metal (at 1,948 F or more), proving you can’t make that believable no matter how moody you look while doing it.  

What are your favorite examples of metalcasting in the movies?  Email dkapel@afsinc.org or comment below.  


01-14-2014 17:00 - SVSU student
That is so funny that you point that out. I work at my schools foundry where we pour steel on Fridays for grain refinement in purposes and I laughed out loud during the movie in theatres and people looked at me funny. I later explained to the people I was with how dumb that looked because none of it could possibly be true... they looked at me funny and said, "yeah but it looked cool!"

01-15-2014 16:14 - Mike McAdams
A couple other good metalcasting in movies are James Bond Goldfinger from the 60's and also from 1980 The Thief with James Cann, shot in Chicago

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