Auto Parts Maker Highlights Casting Plants

Auto aftermarket specialist Edelbrock is a unique company with unique ownership. We profiled the business in our November/December 2008 issue after it added a permanent mold metalcasting facility to its green sand plant to expand capacity. Take a minute to peruse the profile here.
In the hopes that you’ll read the full profile, we won’t go into it extensively in this space, but suffice it to say that Edelbrock’s ownership believes in-house metalcasting is essential to its future success.

Now, the company has launched another venture to expand the scope of its metalcasting section. But this time, it hasn’t added molding lines or melting capacity. Instead, it has upped its online ante with a new “Edelbrock Aluminum Foundries” website.

And the company didn’t just throw some html up into cyberspace and hope it stuck. According to MetalCastingDesign.com’s online advertising salesperson and metalcasting website guru Jim Beckwith, Edelbrock took its time and did it right.

“Edelbrock’s end result is one of the most impressive metalcasting websites I can remember seeing,” Beckwith said. “It’s worth a look.”

So head over there and check out standard fare like the company’s processes and capacities, as well as cool multimedia on “Edelbrock TV.” It’s a great example of what the metalcasting industry has to offer, both online and in brick and mortar.

Weigh in on Chinese Casting Quality

We let you know some time ago that Metal Casting Design & Purchasing and its sister publication MODERN CASTING were instrumental in creating a few new groups on the social networking site LinkedIn, and we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about the hot button issue currently being debated there.

Do you have some special insight or strong opinion on the quality of the Chinese metalcasting industry? At least half a dozen people have weighed in so far, and you could be next. If you have a LinkedIn account, just click here to join the Foundry and Diecaster Network, and find the topic thread under the “Jobs” tab.

If you don’t have an account yet, go to www.linkedin.com and join up. Once you have an account, feel free to get involved. Or, simply pull up a chair and watch the discussion as it develops. It’s just one more way to stay linked in to the metalcasting community.

Metalcasting Hits Primetime (Almost)

If you read this blog and were sitting on your sofa watching the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on July 28, you may have taken notice when the following images came on your screen: www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619/#32186844.

That’s right, a metalcasting facility was highlighted on the news program as an example of a company succeeding during a downturn that has claimed the title on so many other businesses.

That’s right, there was metalcaster Doug Parsons, president of Excel Foundry and Machine, Pekin, Ill., explaining how blessed his company has been to keep its employees and continue doing business as usual in what’s been described as the worst economic slump since the Great Depression.

That’s right, the metalcasting industry was featured just before primetime on one of the major networks, and it was shown doing something right. So congratulations to Excel Foundry and Machine for showing the world the excellence we already know is in the metalcasting industry.

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