MetalCasting Design & Purchasing

Knowledge Is Power


More and more, metalcasters are sharing their knowledge with the next generation of metalcasters. A quick look at the AFS website will provide news stories of chapters utilizing tools such as Foundry in a Box to interest youngsters in the field and provide them with hands-on knowledge.

Buyers, designers and casting end users should be privy to the same treatment and take advantage of time spent with their casters. If you do not meet with your metalcaster, consider it. Not only is it a mark of a good relationship, but asking questions and learning metalcasting terms and technology can provide you with the tools to explain exactly what you need in your cast component.

Those less familiar also can take advantage of courses offered through the AFS Institute, such as An Introduction to Metalcasting. The more you know about the process, the easier it will be to create and design the casting of your dreams. As the phrase goes, knowledge is power.


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