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New Tool for Choosing an Alloy and Processes Available

From time to time, we’ll field calls from casting buyers trying to make a decision between alloys or casting processes. We can’t make that choice for them; we can only provide information that willlead to an educated decision. But, really, that’s a lot of information, and the number of different ways you can produce a casting can make the process daunting.

In conjunction with the American Foundry Society and Product Development & Analysis, we’ve developed a Casting Alloy and Process Selector tool to help casting buyers and designers determine which casting alloys and process(es) may be suitable for their specific metal casting designs. All you need to do is enter basic data about the metal casting (if available, alloy, weight, wall thicknesses, surface finish, production volume), and various processes will be presented to you.

The information contained in the tool represents industry averages and cannot be considered absolute. Every manufacturing facility offers different capabilities, so for specific information, you should contact your metal casting suppliers. But the tool will help you narrow down your choices. Good luck!


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