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Casting of the Year Reveals the Potential of Good Design

The annual Engineered Casting Solutions Casting Competition provides an example of what the metalcasting process can achieve. While the winners may not relate specifically to the type of engineered cast components you purchase, these design success do provide you with fodder for what your firm could achieve if you unleash the design potential afforded to you by metal castings.

I urge you to consider starting with a blank sheet of paper the next time you begin to design a metal casting.  Be bounded only by the space envelope in which the part must function. Then, place metal where you need it, and use geometry to achieve the functionality you need. If you are attaching and/or welding other components to the casting, could the entire assembly be redesigned to a single cast component? Freedom of design is inherent in the benefits of the metalcasting process. If you take advantage of it, engineered casting solutions are in your future.



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