About AFS and Metalcasting

AFS Logo Standards

The new AFS logo serves as a “visual signature” and it is important to adhere to the following basic standards:

Minimum Size:

For legibility, print the logo at least 1" wide. If necessary to print smaller than 1” wide, use solid crescent without the tagline.

One-color Logo:

Design, budget and print specifications could require the logo to be printed in one color. When reproducing a one-color logo, the logomark and logotype should be at 100% Pantone 293 or black. Another option is using 100% white on a 100% solid background.


The logo should not be scanned, used as a low resolution or be recreated. The logo is available in approved, reproducible formats from the AFS Marketing Department. For a copy of the new AFS logo artwork, contact afs@afsinc.net. Only AFS Chapters and Corporate Members are authorized to use the AFS logo in conjunction with their activities and promotions.

For more style and guideline details and the use policy please see the Logo Standards and Use Policy.