About AFS and Metalcasting

Styles of the AFS Logo


  • The crescent is a representation of the edge of a globe, inferring the “global reach” of AFS through its intimate involvement in “all things metalcasting” and its importance around the world. 
  • Connected letters and color selection demonstrate an evolution from the previous logo, and an ongoing theme of unification – as AFS actively continues to embrace all metals and all processes in the metalcasting industry.

Three-Word Tagline 

Communicates the organization’s ongoing mission – simply and succinctly:

  • Advocate for the industry (and its products) and our members.
  • Educate the members, interested parties, and the general public about the industry, the unique aspects of its technology, the latest practices and advancements, while also informing those most fascinated of its values and benefits to society.
  • Innovate our processes and management styles to be a globally competitive manufacturing choice, thus ensuring that members remain on the cutting edge in an ever-changing economic and technical world. Innovation comes from our research and development programs, our education and training, and our communication to the industry on leading ideas and practices from across the globe.


Embraces and emphasizes AFS’s intimate involvement and ongoing role in industry training and education.

  • Replaces the Cast Metal Institute logo through a melding of the two – highlighting the seamlessness and unified front the Society continues to have as a critical supplier of knowledge in the unique metalcasting learning arena.

Logo Samples:


Please refer to the Style/Standard Guidelines and Use Policy for specific information.