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Members of the Media

Misperceptions about the metalcasting industry in the U.S. abound, and even the best reporters get their facts about this valuable manufacturing institution wrong from time to time. But with the information available on this website, you’ll know the facts before putting pen to paper.

In addition to basic metalcasting facts, you’ll find details on each of the main methods of metalcasting, color photos ready for publishing and relavent metalcasting videos.

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AFS Advocacy

To watch a video on the advocacy work of AFS, please click here.

Spotlight On: Metalcasting Documentary

The documentary Spotlight On: Metalcasting was produced by AFS and aired nationally on PBS. The five-minute documentary provides an overview of metalcasting and the importance cast components play in our society.

Watch the Spotlight On: Metalcasting Documentary

Metal Castings at Work

Watch videos on our MCTV channel to see the many processes related to metalcasting and how they work.

Metalcasing on the Hill

Chris Norch, President, Denison Industries and AFS Board Member, testified to the U.S. House of Representatives Small Business Committee about the far reaching effects the auto industry's crisis is having on the metalcasting industry. To view his testimony, click here.