About AFS and Metalcasting

What Is AFS and the Institute?

The American Foundry Society (AFS) is a non-profit association serving members of the metalcasting supply chain both in the United States and abroad. AFS provides members with advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C., technical education through its Institute, as well as the transfer of innovative research and technology to the industry, its suppliers and those who buy castings. Membership is individual or corporate and is made up of three markets, including: metalcasters and producers of metal cast parts; metalcasting suppliers; and casting buyers/original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). Student membership is also extended to future leaders of the metalcasting industry at a nominal cost.

The society was founded in 1896 and serves close to 800 corporate members and 7,500 individual members including metalcasting suppliers and OEM facilities in more than 41 countries worldwide, covering all metalcasting processes and materials.

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Today, AFS has more than 81 student and professional chapters throughout North America and its committee structure includes 46 technical and management committees and 800 volunteer members. The committees are led by the AFS Division Council, which is developing and transferring research and technology to the metalcasting industry. Students can obtain membership at a nominal cost by downloading & completing the application on the industry sustainability web page.

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The AFS Institute, formerly Cast Metals Institute, hosts more than 30 practical courses, seminars and workshops annually on all metalcasting processes, materials and disciplines, both in-person and onsite at AFS headquarters, in-plant seminars and online.

AFS is the world’s largest publisher of metalcasting-related books, technical papers and reports and houses a library of metalcasting reference material.

AFS is the leading voice for the metalcasting industry with federal and state lawmakers, as well as regulators. The society has taken leadership roles in advocating on behalf of the industry on issues such as OSHA’s proposed reduction of the Silica PEL, ensuring the benefits of regulations justify the costs, expansion of domestic energy production, restoring certainty and enhancing global competitiveness of the tax code, as well as providing adequate investments in our nation’s water infrastructure and highway system.

AFS hosts various conferences on focused metalcasting topics, including environmental, health and safety, government affairs, foundry management and human resources, marketing, additive manufacturing, various casting processes, and aluminum, steel and iron casting.

The once-every-three-year CastExpo draws 6,000-8,000 metal casters from across the globe to view the latest in casting technology and services, while the annual Metalcasting Congress showcases technology transfer through technical presentations and papers covering all metal casting processes and materials.

As a publisher, AFS solely produces two print magazines, one journal, a specialty publication and is a joint publisher of an international digital publication.

  • MODERN CASTING is the monthly, leading publication for metal casters with a readership of 15,000.
  • Metal Casting Design & Purchasing is the bi-monthly (plus one extra) publication reaching 22,000 design engineers and purchasers detailing the capabilities of the metal casting process.
  • International Journal of Metalcasting is the quarterly, peer-reviewed, international publication in digital & print formats, leading the transfer of research & technology for the global metalcasting industry.
  • AFS Transactions is an annual specialty publication available on CD-ROM & in print, featuring selected technical papers from the world's foremost experts in metalcasting.
  • Global Casting Magazine is primarily an international digital publication, produced four times a year in English and Chinese, and has a growing circulation of 70,000.
  • Melting Point is a magazine and website for students and educators to learn more about careers in metalcasting.

AFS is a proud recipient of the Peter L. Simpson Memorial Medal.

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