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This revision of the AFS Health & Safety Guides was completed under the direction and guidance of the AFS Health and Safety Committee (10-Q) to provide metalcasters with the updated information necessary to determine, evaluate and control potential health and physical hazards in their facilities. The twelve committee members that authored and reviewed these guides are experts in health and safety, with certification in the following areas: Certified Industrial Hygenist (CIH); Occupational Health & Safety Technologist (OHST); Certified Safety & Health Manager(CSHM); Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA); Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Professional Engineer (PE).

There are 68 Health and Safety Guides contained within this publication that are further classified into five sections: Melting & Pouring, Binder Systems, Physical Hazards, Other Health Hazards, Safety & Health Programs and Controls

This publication was created and written specifically for metalcasting industry personnel, occupational health & safety professionals, personnel responsible for regulatory compliance, and academia professionals.

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